From May 13, 2005 to July 22, 2012, I kept a handwritten record of my days. I filled three whole notebooks with seven years of rants, recaps, and just plain dumbness. On the day I wrote my last journal entry, I decided to make the switch over to a blog, where the ink would never fade. On July 22, 2012, I made my first blog post and have been updating it with events from my life ever since.

Here is every single handwritten journal entry from those seven years, some names and events omitted for obvious reasons, typed up for your reading pleasure. I hope you laugh and cringe along with me.

Regina Kim




Friday May 13, 2005

OK. Let me start off with one thing. This is not, I repeat, NOT! a diary. This is just a journal to look back on and think about so don’t expect me to be all Dear Diary this and Dear Diary that. I think I’m just supposed to write about my day or stuff like that. I don’t really know. Let’s see. Well, I guess I’ll just start out with my day. My day was really interesting. I meant, it wasn’t really normal, usual. Maybe it was just a weird day but I don’t know. Maybe it was because today was Friday the Thirteenth. I’m not really all that superstitious though.
Ashley is probably my best friend at Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC). We became friends because Lora assigned us to be partners for Buddy Reading. That was really cool. Ashley is always there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on. She’s really nice and we had a really fun water fight with her brother when I got invited to her house. It was awesome! I have so many good memories with Ashley but I can’t list them all. Maybe next time.
We only have about one month left in the school year. My goal for the end of the year is to get a 4.0! Did I mention that I moved up to 7th grade pre-algebra and 7th grade science? It sounds a little like I’m bragging. Yes I know. Also, I joined the AGSA softball team thingy. I’ve always wanted to be on a sports team where we get uniforms and all that. Now, I realize that it’s a little hard. […..] Our team color is green. Guess what our team name is??? Mean Green Lima Beans!!! Isn’t that really weird? It’s OK with me but it sounds corny.  […..] My very good friend on the team is the one and only, Lachelle! She’s really, really cool and she’s always making me laugh.
Hey! I’m having another softball game tomorrow! I’m pitching! It’s gonna be my very first game pitching! Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! This is so awesome that I get to pitch! Here’s a drawing that just popped into my head:
Yes I know! It’s weird! I’m not much of an artist! Oh I’m so embarrassed by this weird picture. I’ll get over it soon, I hope.

When I am older, I want to become either a dentist or a writer. Both of those jobs seem really interesting. Maybe I can become both of them. That would be overwhelming. I like to write my thoughts down onto paper and from now on, I will write my feelings and everything down in this journel [sic]. Then, when time passes, I can look back in it and have a few good laughs and stuff like that. In my opinion, we have too much homework in Pre-Algebra. We get at least a packet or sheet of homework every time we finish class. It gets really annoying sometimes. We are just so tired of it!

My hand is getting a big cramp! […..] My hand’s on fire! But I still have the cramp thingy-ma-jigger. Well, I guess I have to go now. I’ll write again tomorrow. Later!


Saturday May 14, 2005

Today, I went to the cherry picking place with my family after my softball game. Oh yeah! I pitched today and it was cool. I was really nervous at first. It was really scary! But I kinda got the hang of it. It was cool how I put two strikes on a batter with my curveball. It seems like nobody can hit my curveball. […..] Last time at practice, Rebecca struck out swinging at my curveball! But it was only a practice. Today we lost by 1 point. It was a really close game! Too bad I only got to pitch one inning. We have another game this coming Wednesday at 6 pm. I am not really sure if I’m pitching again on Wednesday but I hope so! It’s really fun once you faced the first batter. When I pitched to the lead off batter today (because I pitched the first inning) I could barely see the plate. She was pratically [sic] right on top of it! Kaila is our team’s catcher and I just aimed for her mitt. My team is really good. We are having a winning season and we get over our losses. I think it’s just really fun playing the game.


Sunday May 15, 2005

The most disappointing thing that is going on right now is that the A’s are on a 7 game losing streak! Well, it figures! They’ve played New York Yankees and Boston! The A’s aren’t doing so well this season! Boo!

The other disappointing thing that’s going on is the fact that my softball game is this Wednesday, the same day as ACLC’s Open House! Can you believe it? I can’t! I’m just really shocked. Mom says I have to go to my school’s open house but my softball game is just as important! I might be pitching again!


Monday May 16, 2005

I was watching the A’s game but had to come upstairs to write in this notebook. My sister is trying to copy me at everything especially the songs I listen to. She was asking me to make a CD for her and I looked at her soundtrack list and there are inappropriate songs!


Tuesday May 17, 2005

Today is Tuesday and nothing really interesting happened. I wonder why it is raining so much! It’s almost summer but it’s still raining! It’s really weird. I went to piano today and the guild is coming up this Saturday! I’m really nervous. It’s 9:40 pm right now and I’m already starting to get tired.

My sister is sitting next to me, writing in HER “diary.” I don’t know what to talk about these days. Well, I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow! I hope the sun will come out! I’m having a softball game and Ashley is coming with us because she wants to see me play! I might pitch tomorrow but I’m not sure yet. I hope so. I wish the weather was a lot more sunnier. It’s already May and it’s still raining! In December, it was REALLY SUNNY! The month was sunny (except my birthday, of course! It always rains on my birthday!)


Wednesday May 18, 2005

Hi again! I’m writing back! We won our softball game today! I pitched again! It was so fun! I hope I will pitch again this Saturday! […..] At the game today, I pitched the first inning and I was also up first. On the first time up, I hit the ball to short left field where it landed just in front of the fielder. Next time up was a strikeout for me. Last time up, I “bunted.” I swung but it only landed about a foot in front of me. Everyone was playing deep so I got a single out of that “bunt.”


Thursday May 19, 2005

It’s almost 10 o’clock pm so I’ll make this short. Tomorrow, ACLC has Diversity Day. We don’t have regular classes. All I have all day is art and baseball. Isn’t that cool! We also started the bridge building contest. […..] We only have about a month until the school year is over and I can’t wait because we’re finally going to Korea! I haven’t been there in almost seven years! I can’t wait until I meet my cousins and my grandmother and everyone else in Korea.


Saturday May 21, 2005

I forgot to write yesterday because I was really busy. Right after school, we had to go to Rhonda’s house for some reason. It was really hot and there was traffic so we were stuck in the car for about an hour. […..] Yesterday, it was really hot in Fremont and since Rhonda, me, Angela, Megan, Christopher, and Anarag played baseball out in that very hot weather, we basically just got either tanned or sunburned.
Today, I had a softball game in the morning at 9 am. Then I had the 2005 guild. It was freaky. The judge was friendly but it was still scary. Angela was whining and being all nervous and Dad got mad and sort of scolded/yelled at her. I wasn’t exactly scared or nervous but it was still scary, like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.


Sunday May 22, 2005

Today when we came home, Tyler was washing his mom’s car and after he was done, we played baseball together. Not just regular baseball either. Tyler stood at one end, near his garage, and I stood near the old lady’s garage and we each had a bat. We hit the tennis ball to each other at the other end. It was fun but I got really tired!


Monday May 23, 2005

School was a blast today! It was something like Constitutional Convention and we joined discussions to help our school! All of our regular classes got canceled and the people who didn’t want to join a group had to be in Study Hall. I got 6 free periods today! Also lunch (for the 6th graders only!) was from 11:45 to 1:30! (That’s the longest lunch period ever! I mean EVER!) My Pre-Algebra class and Science 7 class got canceled and I was so happy! It felt like an extra-long day because of no real classes but I wish we had Constitutional Convention every day. Well, maybe not every day but at least 3 or 2 days a week.


Tuesday May 24, 2005

We won! We won! We won! We won our softball game! Yay! Too bad I didn’t get to pitch but I’m pitching tomorrow so I don’t care. Today and tomorrow are back to back games, making up for the two rainouts. My sister got really badly hurt today at Tillman Park. She bonked her head. First to the left, then to the right, as she was falling off a bar! She was crying a lot! I felt really bad and sad inside. Just hearing her cry makes me want to cry. […..] But when we came home, I made her feel a little better, laugh, crack jokes and she feels a lot better now! […..] TIP: LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.


Wednesday May 25, 2005

At softball, I was playing center field when someone hit a line drive through the hole between first and second. I ran fast and at the last second, I caught the ball in the webbing of my glove. The runner at third base thought it was already past me so I caught the runner off guard. The second after I caught the ball, I threw to 3rd where I made a double play. The catch made me feel so good! That double play was the last two outs of the inning so as I entered the dugout, I drowned in my teammates. It was so cool!


Thursday May 26, 2005

Yay! We have a four day weekend! We are going to Yosemite and Montreal [sic: Monterey] Bay Aquarium! […..] Today at school, we went to PE with the whole class again so I got to hang out with Ashley. Also, Ashley gave me a necklace. It’s a friendship necklace. It’s like a broken circle but if you put it together, it becomes a full circle with “Best Friends” written on it.


Friday May 27, 2005

*This journal entry was mentioned in a July 22, 2012 blog post titled “The Day I Photobombed My Dad.” You can read it here.

Today, my family and I went to Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17 Mile Drive, and Carmel Mission. The Aquarium was fun and we had a great time there. We took a lot of pictures and just now, looked them over. 17 mile drive was really cool. It had a great golf course too! 17 mile drive is just a road near the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, that is 17 miles long (DUH!) and you get to stop at some points if you want to explore a bit. We, meaning my dad, my sister, and myself, went down to the water and took a lot of cool pictures, touched the real Pacific Ocean’s water, and climbed rocks. It was like a dream come true! The Missionary was cool but scary. It’s so big! When we got there, it was five minutes to closing time so we went through the exit and explored the whole place and then we went to San Jose to eat dinner. For me, the most interesting (and fun) place we went today is 17 Mile Drive. I liked climbing down the rocks to get to the water. Once, we somehow found ourselves stranded on a little rock island! It was really fun because I got to run and get a lot of fresh air while jumping from rock to rock. We also got to see The Lone Cypress. It was so beautiful and amazing!

Yes, we used to look like that. Yes, there is hope in this world.

On Monday (still a four day weekend), we’ll be going to (I can’t wait!) Yosemite! […..] But when we go to Yosemite, I should bring my own camera. When we went today, I was going to bring my camera but Dad said to use his. So when I got there, Angela started whining over the use of the camera so I didn’t get to take many pictures at the aquarium.

The Lone Cypress

June 4th is my last softball game (*sniff sniff*) and June 11 is the Award Ceremony and the Mother/Daughter softball game. Mom said she’ll play! June 10th is ACLC’s school wide Field Trip to Six Flags! (It’s Math and Science Day.) June 17 is the last day of school. (Yay and boo.) But what I can’t wait for is summer break. I’m finally going to Korea!


Saturday May 28, 2005

Hi! I’m back again! I have a lot to write about! Where do I start? Let’s see. I woke up this morning and realized that my throat was burning! My throat hurt so bad but after a couple of sips of milk, it calmed down. In the hours that followed, nothing much happened except that I ate breakfast, took a nice relaxing bath, a little on my bridge but not all of it.
We went to a house/junkyard place where the kids got a tour of 4 acres of junkyard storage for cars. We went on the tour in golf carts! And guess what?! This is my favorite part! I got to drive it! It was awesome and fun. Stephanie and Sarah got to drive it too but the other kids were too young. I drove around the 4 acres of junkyards and it was really fun. Sarah was wild and we were about to die (sarcastically)! When Sarah was driving, only me and Stephanie went along with her because what if we took a spill? I was about to take another turn at the wheel but right when I was about to start, we had to go. So many of the little kids wanted to drive but of course, they are too young.

I still have a cold. Tonight, all I ate was a banana and medicine. I’m so hungry! Ha ha ha! ??


Sunday May 29, 2005

Hey! Sorry I didn’t get to finish last night because I was so sleepy and I couldn’t finish. I left off with ha ha ha. I actually do not know why I wrote that but oh well.
I went to church in the morning and had children’s mass in the cafeteria because we didn’t have Sunday School today. Then while my dad was at a meeting, my mom, my sister, and I went to the store to buy things we need. I finally got an Oakland A’s shirt (FINALLY)!
Tomorrow is going to be more exciting! (I hope.) We are going to Yosemite and spending another day together. We have to leave at 8 in the morning and coming back really late, I think. It takes four hours to get to Yosemite from our house. I’m going to bring my iPod Mini and my camera.

*Sigh* I have so many problems in my life right now. I wish I didn’t though. *Sigh*

I really like my school (except for the drama in 6th grade) and all of the friends I have and all of the teachers. I’ll try to write more tomorrow about the trip and Yosemite. Bye for now!


Monday May 30, 2005

Yosemite. I’m so TIRED. (It’s still a four-day weekend.) Four hour drive there, four hours back. Ugh. My most exciting part was when we went to the Yosemite Falls and we climbed the rocks to get closer to the water. It was a rainstorm out there. And not just a rainstorm either, it was really windy, rain was blowing in my face and I felt like I couldn’t breathe! The rocks were slippery. Yoonjin and her family came with us, but it was kinda fun with her family. Anyways, we all got soaked to the skin (basically). We all had so much fun!

Also, today my iPod was so low on batteries. I forgot to charge it. So I was stuck with a thin piece of line in the battery picture. But guess what? I actually made it all the way home with that thin line! Cool!


Tuesday May 31, 2005

Today is the last day of May! I can hardly believe it though! May has gone by so quickly![…..] Tomorrow is the first day of June and we’re having a 6th grade picnic! It’s gonna be awesome!
Today at school, I feel like me and Ashley got a little closer. It happened in the bathroom during 5th period. It’s kinda personal business. Ashley really understands me and I can tell her whatever I want to. I want to be friends with her forever.

My sister is finally starting to read Beverly Cleary’s books, especially the books with Ramona in it. She’s read Ramona the Pest, Ramona’s World, actually all the Ramona series and now she’s starting on Henry Huggins books. I wonder when she’ll start Harry Potter books.

The book I’m reading presently is Toliet [sic] Paper Tigers. It’s a baseball book. But my favorite baseball book is Finding Buck McHenry. Actually, it’s not only my favorite baseball book, it’s also just my favorite book that I’ve ever read!


Wednesday June 1, 2005

Today is June first. Our class had an exciting day at the 6th grade picnic. We went to Crab Cove. Educational Leadership came with us along with Paul and Mike, Alicia and everybody that helps out a lot with our 6th grade. We played so many games including soccer, kickball, and capture the flag. It was fun but I got a sun burn. I got it on my face and my nose and also my arms.

After school, my dad went back to work and my mom, Angela, and myself went to Crab Cove (my second time today) while my mom jogged and Angela and I rode our bikes. When we got back, we were all sweating really bad and so we went swimming in our pool. Even Mom swam! It was a really cool day today. Because of the picnic, I got to skip math (Pre-Algebra).


Thursday June 2, 2005

At Pre-Algebra we had an expected value quiz and I aced it in about five minutes. I got the rest of the period off and got lunch early. After school, my dad had to go to church and me, my mom, and Angela went exercising again to Crab Cove. Then we were all sweating so we went swimming again! It was kinda like yesterday. I think I will go now. I have to watch the A’s game. Bye!


Sunday June 5, 2005

I haven’t wrote [sic] in a while because I was so busy building my bridge. Yeah, I know, I already finished it but when we were cleaning the house, I left it on the table and Mom stepped on it while trying to clean the higher places. My bridge was a smooshed pancake. Inside, I was like “Woa. Oh my heavens! No way!” But on the outside I was like, “It’s okay. It was just a mistake.” So I had to build it over again. Good thing I had saved my sticks! It’s so weak now. It’s all wobbly and stuff. It keeps breaking and I have to glue it back together again.

Oh yeah! Our last softball game of the season ended up great. We won! I was pretty happy because we ended our season with a winning record. The funny part was that whenever Rebecca was at the plate, all of the outfielders backed up A LOT! One time, Rebecca hit it over all of their heads, even with the fielders all the way in the outfield.

It’s nearing the end of school! What I can’t believe is that we’re leaving for Korea on the 22nd and coming back on August 16! I’m so excited! Don’t worry. I’m bringing this journel [sic] to keep an up to date writing every day in Korea. I hope I won’t run out of paper!

It’s going to be really hot over there and the temperature can easily go up to 100 degrees! I probably will have to bring lots of summer clothes. Good thing they have a computer there. I’m gonna need to check my email there or when I come back, I will probably have at least 50 unread messages.

On Wednesday, at the picnic, Ashley and I were kicking the soccer ball around when Ashley kicked it to me extra hard (I don’t know why). I just got to stop it with my right ankle. Then (since the ball came to me extra hard), I fell over the soccer ball, twisting my ankle under me. It hurt really bad for the whole day. In fact, it still hurts right now. (It’s the round bone right beneath the ankle.)

Today after mass, I saw Madagascar with James and Andrew and their cousin. It was OK but pretty boring. I mean it’s almost like a movie for little kids. It was funny, sort of. The baby lemur is so cute! And a fat, chubby lemur’s voice is Cedric the Entertainer.


Tuesday June 7, 2005

Today was my bad luck day! I can’t believe it. Everyone hated me, bad luck stuck by my side, and Zemen wrote me up for the wrong reason. I got lots of bad emails including one that said, “I hate Regina. Send this to 20 people.”

I have started on Game Boy now. I finally got around to playing it and now, I’m trying to catch up to my Game Boy Days. It gets so addicting. I have a Game Boy Color. It’s cool but an old one from the olden days. The 90s.


Friday June 10, 2005

This was a really fun day! We went to Six Flags Marine World! It was our field trip! We got there at 10 am. They opened, we got in, we got 5 hours to go wherever we wanted to. Then at 2:30, we had to meet back at the entrance. Ashley and I just traveled together the whole time, even on the bus! We went on Medusa and Boomerang. Those were our favorite roller coasters! Cobra was baby-ish, Roar had a line that went outside the park, and White Water Rafting was closed the whole day.  […..] We had to buy our own lunches and snacks plus drinks. When we were going to Medusa, we saw Jake and Mike in line. We waited in the Medusa line for an hour! But the ride was worth it. The food over there is SO EXPENSIVE! I mean, a drink was $3.41! Plus tax! And the lunches! Ashley’s meal (a burrito and a soda) was $11. I only had $10.


Saturday June 11, 2005

Today we had the AGSA closing ceremony. I got a participation trophy and a medal from our coach. After the ceremony, we had the mother/daughter game. My mom had a great game. She was at 3rd base for the whole game, getting two strikeouts and two walks. It was awesome. The daughters won 10-9! Yay!


Sunday June 12, 2005

Today was an unusual day. I woke up, Mom went to church, me and Angela stayed home. We did some homework, played computer (too bad the internet wasn’t working for the whole day!) and watched baseball. Then Mom came home and we went exercising to Crab Cove again. On the way back, we stopped by at Foster’s Freeze again. This time I got a large cone. While eating our cones outside, we met somebody who lives in our old apartment. I guess Mom was really close with them cause they started talking to each other a lot. Then we biked all the way to their house. They wanted to show us their house. Then we biked ALL THE WAY BACK to home. I was so tired and my butt hurt. I have a really ouchy and small seat on my bike.


Monday June 13, 2005

Today was an OK day. I got an A in Science.

Period one: Math (fortunately, it was the last Math)
Period two: Social Studies (just got to chill)
Period three: Memoir books (done)
Period four: Pre-Algebra (another period of Math!)
Period five: Learning to Learn
Period six: Science (over with)

Tomorrow is my conference. Guess who my facilitator is: Mama Maafi!

Dad’s coming home tomorrow. I get to see him first cause I get out at 12:30 for the rest of the week. Angela gets out at 2:50 still. Dad arrives at the airport at 12:40 so I get to go with Mom to pick him up!


Wednesday June 15, 2005

Wow. In just a week, I’m going to Korea. I can’t believe that the school year is over. I can’t wait until next year. Chelsea might come to ACLC next year but she’s still deciding. Ashley’s leaving for Ohio, Virginia, or Washington after 7th grade.

I just got up from an A’s game on TV. It was the ninth inning, two outs, runners at 2nd and 1st. Marco Scutaro up. The first pitch: He blasted it to the gap in left center. The runner on second scored! 3-2. The score was 2-2 before. The Mets’ fielders didn’t even TRY to throw anyone out. They knew.


Wednesday June 22, 2005

Yes, I’m on the plane. I’m heading to Korea. The plane ride is so convenient. It’s so much different from a car ride. First, you don’t get sick, like carsickness. The lifting off was kinda freaky, especially when the plane was running full speed on the runway. We just had a drink and a bag of honey-roasted peanuts. America and Korea have a 14 hour difference. So we will land at 3 am on my watch but it’s actually 7 pm in Korea. Weird! I read a little, listened to my iPod, and now need to go to the bathroom. I guess I’ll go now. I’ll write back in the evening. Bye.


Sunday July 10, 2005

Wowie wow! I’ve been in Korea for a while now but I haven’t really been able to write in this journel [sic]. Interesting (and boring) news: It’s very hot and rainy. One day, it’s boiling, the next, pouring. That’s how it’s been in Korea so far. Dad emails me the most. We keep in touch a lot. He often calls us. The A’s are doing very well in June and July, but May was the worst. Too bad I missed the 4th of July fireworks.

Well: July 6, 2005. 7:15 pm. I started my period. Isn’t it weird that I started in Korea?

Today, me and Soomin watched War of the Worlds in the cinema. It was fun in the beginning but near the end, it became really boring. June went by so slowly. The good news is July is going pretty fast. It’s already the tenth! I started Art School again with Soomin. We go everyday after she finishes school. We go to the very same art school that we went to the last time we came here (seven years ago!) with the same teachers.

Things are so different here. I want to go home soon. But I’m trying to enjoy it here because who knows when I’ll be back. I’m also going to church camp in Korea with Soomin. But that won’t happen for a while. On the computer, I mostly played Roller Coaster Tycoon (too bad it’s in Korean) and Crazy Arcade. Well that’s enough for now. I should finish my homework.


August 24, 2005

Wow! I haven’t touched this for a while! Anyways, I came back from Korea about a week ago. And I’m telling you, it feels good. I’m so glad to be back! The day before we came here, a theif [sic] robbed our house. The one in Korea. He ripped the mosquito netting, reached inside, and grabbed our stuff. He took my mom’s makeup bag (which we luckily found later outside) and all of my sister’s stuff (even her journal!). My mom’s handbag was right next to it (luckily covered by my sister’s short pants!) but he didn’t see it or something. Luckily, no one was hurt or anything. In the morning, my mom and I were just shooken up real bad. So that night, we slept with the windows locked. Oh my gosh! I was so scared! If my mom’s handbag was missing, we wouldn’t have been able to come back here! It had our passports, my mom’s wallet, her IDs, and everything! I’m just glad to be back!

In Korea, it was very hot! The temperature was about 100 F everyday! I was dying! So when we came here, it was like freezing cold! But I like this weather way better than Korea’s weather.

Well that’s about it for now. I’m starting to get a hand cramp! Bye!


August 25, 2005

School starts in four days! I’m sorta nervous. In Korea, I cut my hair, two days before we came here, so it hasn’t grown at all! So I’ll be going to school looking like a freak!

I finished my letter/journal writing thing with Julia so I’ll give it to her at school. I don’t have much to say so I guess I’ll be going now!


August 27, 2005



August 29, 2005

Today was the first day of school and it was boring. Basically, everyone was greeting friends and making new ones.

So let me tell you a description of today. I come into the center and all of my friends were there. We all greeted each other and talked for a while. Then we had meetings with the teachers in small groups. That was really boring. Then we ate lunch. After lunch, the whole school played capture the flag. We had a great time. Then it was back to nothing except talking about friends and schedules.

Tomorrow, real classes start. I have Algebra everyday first period. That kinda sucks. Then I have Art 6th period. And that’s it. Yep! I only have two classes tomorrow. All the rest are period periods. I’m so happy!!!


August 30, 2005

Today, I had my first day with real classes. Everyone had homework except me. I picked the right classes. I only had two classes today: Algebra and Art. The rest were free periods. They were pretty boring.


August 31, 2005

Today’s the third day of school. For Humanities, we had homework but I finished it in school. I finally got a locker today. It’s in the lobby. Letter K. Ashley’s is L so hers is right below mine. My locker is at the very top.


We have pedlocks [sic]. It was very hard to open it at first but after seeing Sarah do it, I mastered it too.

I left my Humanities and History book in there because I already finished my homework anyways. It’s pretty heavy! And my backpack already weighs a ton!

Tomorrow, I have a full schedule. No free periods.

1 Algebra – I have it 1st period every single day
2 PE – We’re going to have PE in the Bladium!
3 PE – still Bladium
4 Science – I have Science in Encinal High School Rm 105
Lunch – Just thinking about it makes me hungry
5 Humanities – Not again!
6 Learning to Learn – I hate this class. It has the most homework


September 1, 2005

It’s the first day of September and I got so much homework! Algebra, Science, English, and Learning to Learn (L2L). I finished at home just now. We went to the Bladium today for PE and played soccer. We could also play basketball and ultimate frisbee.

Today was the first day of Science and I found out that it is marine biology. We’ll be studying the ocean and stuff. We’ll dissect things, go on field trips, and not just read from a text book. We’ll do experiments, too (I hope).

Next Friday, I have to take a shot that every 7th grader HAS to take when entering 7th grade. I’m sorta nervous. Sarah took it! Two shots! She said it hurts. I’m scared.


September 5, 2005

Today’s Labor Day! No school! […..] Tomorrow I’m going back to school and I’m kinda wishing it was still summer break. Tomorrow I only have 2 classes so I’m glad. If I had gone to school today, I would’ve had a full schedule. I hate Mondays and Thursdays.

Nothing really to talk about. Today was a big bore. Well, I guess I should be going now. I really want to get back to my book. See ya!


September 6, 2005

Today was an okay day at school. I only had Algebra first period and Art 4th. I finished my LONG Algebra homework on some free periods. No homework from Art, duh. […..] At school, I’m starting to get a lot more homework, especially from Syl (Humanities, English, Language Arts, and History.) I still gotta finish my English/Language Arts homework. I gotta go!


September 7, 2005

BIG (and awesome) NEWS!!! I’m getting my own cellphone next Tuesday on the 13th! It’s a Motorola E815. I don’t even know what that is. […..] It’s so cool!!! It’s so thin and it has a camera and video, plus MP3 and all these new things! I can’t wait! […..] I’m finally getting my own. After these hard long years of waiting! Finally! Finally! Finally!


September 8, 2005

So nervous so scared so anxious. I have to get a shot at the doctor’s tomorrow. Every 7th grader needs it. I don’t even know what it is. I have to do a check up and everything. I’m FREAKED! So much that I’m writing weird (or to take up space and write more quickly…).

I finished my science report on deformed frogs today. It looks so cool! I have to check it out right now. Let me go.


September 13, 2005

I was so excited last night that I didn’t even write about my cell phone yesterday. Well, I got it and it’s so cool but bigger than my mom’s old one. It’s sitting next to me right now. I have to finish my work right now so bye!


September 14, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today was just a normal school day, like other ones. Since today is a Wednesday, we had CCC in the morning. Pierre (a guy who loves making movies) showed us a really funny movie today. Also tonight, there was a back to school night that we went to. Then we ate dinner and we just came back from that. I should go now. It’s getting late.


Thursday Sept 15, 2005

Today was one of those boring, long days with full schedules. I didn’t have any free periods today. It was really sucky. I went to PE today and it was fun. I played soccer but I kept tripping and falling and once in a while, I went flying in the air!

Tomorrow is my first Algebra exam. I’m not really worried though because I really understand the concept.


Fri Sept 16, 2005

I’m gonna make this quick and short.

News at school:
Algebra exam, no homework
Art class: Movie
Free periods
Picture day: I think my picture turned out really bad

News at home:
Did puzzle
Went to Crab Cove on bike again
Came home and helped Angela on her homework. Really boring
Started a new story. Don’t have a title yet.


Tues Sept 20, 2005

Got my test back yesterday in Algebra.


Today my teacher Carlton came up to me and said I had the highest score in both classes and I did a really good job!

It is 9:15 pm and I’m already sleepy. I am going to work on my story. Bye.


Sept 22, 2005

Today was extra long day extra homework too. Very long and very boring. PE today. I will have only one class tomorrow cuz almost every teacher is going to the Yosemite trip thingy. No Algebra, no English, only Art. Today after school, I had to finish all my hw. Had so much too. Algebra, Science, English, L2L. […..] Took about 3 hours to finish everything. After that, I chatted with Sarah, Stephanie, and Emily.


Mon Sept 26, 2005

Today was an ok day. No Humanities cause Syl was sick. She came later but still no class. I had Algebra and Science. I have Algebra and Art tomorrow. That’s it. Tomorrow is my ultimate free period day. Isn’t that awesome?



Wed Sept 28, 2005

School News:
I only had one class today: History
Algebra: Just a project on the teacher’s desk
In the morning: CCC, only announcements. Boring!
Lunch, I had to buy lunch today
Someone broke into Ashley’s locker and smashed her lunch on the ground. Her mom came and gave her $9 for lunch so we bought lunch together. Ashley also got a new locker.
So many free periods!

Home News:
Cleaned the house
It was so hot today!!!
Started on my Algebra project
Took a bath and finished project
Just put it away
Writing in my journal


Friday Sept 30, 2005

It’s already the weekend! This week went by really fast! I can’t believe today is also the last day of September! Tomorrow will be October 1st!
Today when me and Angela were outside, we played frisbee. When I went inside for a while (Angela was still outside), [blank] must have walked down the street because when I came back out, that’s what Angela told me.

I am not feeling well so I will stop writing now and drink my tea and read. See ya + Bye!


Saturday Oct 8, 2005

Nothing new. Just glad it’s the weekend. I had so much homework that I was so wrapped up in research, reports, and every other thing. I can’t wait till Thursday cause I’m getting braces (maybe). Everyone else has them and I think it’s about time I should get them.


Mon Oct 10, 2005

1st: Algebra – games on problems (so fun!)
3rd: Still PE
4th: Science – boring once again
5th: Humanities
6th: L2L – boring once again!!!

I ate so much after school that I was full at dinner.
Did so much hw
Now I end up like this
I have to go in now


Tues Oct 11, 2005

Man I wish today was Thursday. On Thursday I’m going to get braces. I’m so excited. I’ve wanted braces for such a long time.

School News:
Algebra: Notes and hw, hw was finished during 2nd period. We took notes about subtracting real numbers. We practiced “vampire slaying.”
Art: We made paper. Yes, like the paper I’m writing on right now. We made paper with this colored pulpy thingy. We had to squeeze all the water out of the pulp and put a design into it. Then we slap it onto another piece of paper and now it’s probably drying right now at school. My pulpy thing was blue/purple and it’s still not coming out of my hands.

Home News:
Took a bath
Decided I’m gonna get braces
Writing in journal now


Sat Oct 15, 2005

No braces. The dentist changed the schedule to next week. I was so mad! Now I have to wait another week to get them.
It’s finally Saturday. Yesterday was a half day for ACLC so after school, I went to Angela’s class to get some community service hours. I ended up in Room 9 to correct some hw. I got two hours. After school, Angela and I walked home.


Sun Oct 16, 2005

In the morning, we woke up and made bagels. It was my turn to bring snacks for Sunday School. Me, Mom, and Angela smeared cream cheese on every one of the bagels. After that was done, Mom packed it and so I can bring it for Sunday School.

At church we ate the bagels and juice and watched a movie. Mass went by pretty quickly today. After mass, Mom, me, and Angela went exercising to the beach again. As Mom went exercising to the end of the beach, me and Angela dug the mud out near the water. Our little sand castle was still there from yesterday. But it was partly washed away. Mom came back soon but we wanted to stay there longer so Mom went home and we stayed there an hour longer and then rode our bikes home.

Now we are doing homework so we can play Crazy Arcade after this. I finished my hw so I”m helping Angela with hers and correcting it along the way. She doesn’t do it so fast, only when I do it along with her.


Mon Oct 17, 2005

Me and my sister made up a song.


Well that’s our song…

PE was tough, especially walking for a really long time in the blazing hot sun!!! After school Sutton walked me to the Ballena Bay sign. He was going to Frisbee practice at Crab Cove.

Well I better be going now. Another stupid hand cramp.


Tues Oct 18, 2005

Wow, October’s going by so fast! Yesterday, Angela and I went to see the play Dad’s directing. It was only a practice. We wanted to see how he did. We had to sit and watch for 2 hrs. Pretty boring. We got home late last night and I fell asleep without remembering to write in my journal. That’s why I’m writing about it today.

Today was also like a bad luck day at school. I don’t really want to talk about it cause I’m trying to clear them from my head. I went to piano and my teacher said that I’m doing pretty good. My sister needs more help. Ashley’s coming over this Friday. I can hardly wait. We can play Crazy Arcade together!


Thurs Oct 20, 2005

It’s already Thursday! Tomorrow’s Friday. Ashley might come, might not. She’s going to the doctor to drain out the puss in her swollen eye and if she feels good, she’s coming after school. If not, I guess she’s not coming. This is what I’m feeling: 25% coming, 75% not coming.


Fri Oct 21, 2005

It’s finally the weekend! Boo hoo. Ashley didn’t come today. When I was in English, she told Syl that she needed to talk to me so I went outside and she told me about what they did at the doctor’s. Then she said she couldn’t come and she was really sorry. Then she went home and I went back inside. Ashley was wearing huge sunglasses… She didn’t even come to school in the morning either. Well I guess we have to wait till next time.

Today my dad went to the dress rehearsal. Tomorrow’s the big day, the big show my dad’s directing…


Tues Nov 1, 2005

I haven’t written in this for a really long time. Well as you can tell by looking at the date, yesterday was Halloween. But this year, we didn’t get as much candy as we did the other years. At least we got a bucket full. Dad went with us yesterday, so we just went around places and we came home early. Angela is still eating candy. She’s gonna get rotton [sic] teeth.


I don’t know why but I have a craving for writing, like I always do. I hope it is a sign that I will become a writer one day. That’s my dream job even though it sounds really dumb.

Softball is starting again soon. They sent us a flyer. I can’t wait! I keep getting hand cramps so I will be resting often (which you can’t really know because I’m just writing it all down).

It’s Daylight Saving Time (or did that just end??) so we switched an hour back. We get so much more time to sleep. Well actually only an hour but it still feels like a lot to me.

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (it’s #5) and finally started on the 6th one: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My personal favorite is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Mon Nov 7, 2005

I haven’t written here for 6 days! I have been really busy lately with homework, books, music, and school!!

First period: Algebra – so much hw! We started evil Accelerated Math!
Second period: PE – very long and boring. We played hook tag: Me, Ashley, Nora, Eliza, Natalie, Sara, Aja.
Third period: PE still
Fourth period: Science – I did the hw right! Maafi was really strict so a lot of people had to do it over and get late credit.
Lunch: A little off schedule but oh well
Fifth period: I was LATE for English!!! 🙁 But only by like 3 minutes. I didn’t hear the bell ring!
Sixth period: L2L – We practiced our skits. I was the script writer. Ours is the Violence Skit with Cameron, Jessica, Nikki, Ryan, Sam, and me.

It’s raining a lot here. But it’s November. Just one more month until my 13th birthday! I can’t wait!!!

We’re going skiing on Thanksgiving Break! I’ve been waiting for winter for a really long time. Maybe this year, I’ll try snowboarding…

There’s no school this Friday. It’s Veteran’s Day. I think Dad likes me better than Angela. I have to experiment later…


Tues Nov 8, 2005

I’ve noticed I’m almost done with this journal so you’ll have to look for #2 after this one. At school, I had Algebra and Art.

Algebra: So much homework and we had to figure it out the long way and write it all down!!!
Art: We had to draw cups. Joan really liked mine and helped me make my cup look more 3-Dimensional.
The rest of my periods were free periods.

At home, I had to go to piano first. It was O.K. Then we got home and it was really dark outside. I took a bath and here I am now, writing. Mom’s calling me. I’ll write back later. It’s only 6:40 pm right now so I’ll write back after dinner or something.

I’m back today at 9:10 pm. I ate dinner, did some homework, and now I’m listening to my iPod while writing.
Right now I’m listening to Black Eyed Peas. They’re the best! Even Ashley likes them. I only found that out like a week ago.

Katie moved to Korea a while ago. I really miss her. We keep in contact by email a lot, at least twice everyday! Once we even chatted on Yahoo Messenger.

My dad signed me up for softball this year! It’s so much fun and it’s a sport that I actually like and want to play! Now I’m listening to Backflip by Raven Symone.

I’m also getting excited about my 13th birthday coming up! I’m finally becoming a teen this year. I’ve been waiting so long!


Mon Nov 14, 2005

Today was a freaky day:

During PE, Ashley said, “I wish Maafi wouldn’t take us back because I’m tired.” When the second group came, Paul came to take us!

1 wish came true.

While walking back, Ashley wished, “I wish science was canceled.” When we came back, Science was canceled because Maafi hurt her leg and went to the hospital.

2 wishes came true.

OK now this is the really creepy part:

We were sitting down outback and I told Ashley to try one more wish out. She said, “I wish I can see something dead.” One minute later, Ashley said, “Oh my God.” I said, “What?” She pointed right across from her on the ground. There was a DEAD BIRD!

3rd wish came true.

We got so FREAKED out and she didn’t make another wish.


Sat Nov 19, 2005

Harry Potter #4 came out yesterday! It’s 8:15 am right now and I’m waiting for 10 am because Rhonda and Megan are staying at our house from 10 to 7ish. That’s because our parents are going to Sacramento.

Next Monday and Tuesday are the only school days. Then the rest of the week is Thanksgiving Break and we’re going skiing! I actually want to go snowboarding but I have to wait till next year.


Mon Nov 21, 2005

Today was a really busy day! Algebra, PE, Science, Hums, L2L. We have an Algebra test tomorrow. I’m freaked out. PE was ok. It was better than other times. Science wasn’t that bad and L2L went by interestingly fast.


Sun Nov 27, 2005

It was Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We went to Lake Tahoe but couldn’t ski/snowboard because it was too warm and it wasn’t snowing but on the third day, we had a blizzard. We played outside in the blizzard: snowmen, snowballs, snowball fight. Angela Yoon ALMOST broke my nose. She was doing something to Ed who was sleeping on the ground, so I went after her to see. Then she put her head back really fast and bumped into my nose. At first, I thought it was broken cause it was all numb. Angela Yoon was all, “Oh my God! Sorry!” and got me ice and stuff. Every time I told her my nose hurt, she looked really worried. Also she and Ed got into so many fights.


Mon Nov 28, 2005

Algebra – Carlton said we should get a break so we went on a walk past our house. It was a lot better than doing math first thing in the morning!
PE – We finally started rock-climbing today but I didn’t get to go. Maybe next time…
Science – We did another cut-n-past activity. Finished the homework a while ago.
History – Preparations for the Constitutional Convention which is this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I just got my costume! The Constitutional Convention is where the 7th and 8th graders have to dress up like delegates from George Washington’s time and debate.
L2L – All we basically did was discuss.



Tues Nov 29, 2005

Hey Hey Hey Journal #2 is here! Oh my goodness, it feels so good to write in a new journal! It feels so…fresh…clean. I’m so pumped. Let’s get started!

Algebra: So much hw and it’s getting harder!
Art: Drawing was fun. It was a free period kinda.

This Friday I’m going to have my 13th birthday party. I’m getting my ears pierced. I just finished making my invitation cards so I get to hand them out tomorrow.

Hey I G2G I have to go to piano!


Wed Nov 30, 2005

Last day of November! Yay! […..] My birthday’s in 6 days and my party’s in 2.

My day went pretty good today. No Algebra and no History because of Constitutional Convention. It was really noisy because ALL the 7th and 8th graders were in one portable! We have Thursday and Friday to finish our topics for debate.


Thurs Dec 1, 2005

It’s finally December! Five more days till my 13th birthday. Tomorrow’s my party. Ashley, Sarah, and Zemen are all coming. And Angela’s friend Ashley is coming too.


Dec 5, 2005

Tomorrow is my real birthday! Today after school, I got my ears pierced. Ouch! Tomorrow I’m 13. Teenager. Sarah said today, “Today’s your last day as a kid!”

I’m going to write back tomorrow and tell you about my day. See ya!

PS I’m really tired and it’s only 9:30 pm.
PPS My birthday party was hectic! And Sarah broke my closet door (again).


Fri Dec 9, 2005

I haven’t written for a while now. But it has been a good week. My birthday was great and lots of people signed my birthday board. It looked awesome!

Wednesday… What did we do? Since I don’t remember, it must have been a normal day.

Thursday (yesterday) was a nightmare. A lot of bad stuff were happening to me. And during English…I don’t even want to go there. Let’s just say it was a horrible, terrible day.

Today was better. We had an ACLC half day so at one o’clock, I went to Angela’s class to get more volunteer hours. During recess, I played wall-ball with all of Angela’s friends and I kept beating all of them! After recess, they played kickball and I was the pitcher for both teams!

Today I also bought 2 pairs of jeans. Tomorrow is the piano recital! Then I’m going to Angela Yoon’s birthday party to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe even though I think it’s a stupid movie.


Tues Dec 27, 2005

Merry Christmas! I had a great Christmas at Lake Tahoe! I went snowboarding with James. Right now I’m watching That’s So Raven. We just got back from Tahoe about two hours ago!

I gotta go. The Cheetah Girls are on and I hate it so I’m gonna go do computer. Bye bye.


Wed Dec 28, 2005

I’m back today in the morning. […..] I was doing homework to watch a movie but I’m just taking a little break.

Today, my parents are gonna go to another meeting so my sister is going too. That means I’ll stay home alone! Finally, I’m old enough to because I just turned 13 this month.
Tomorrow’s Ashley’s birthday. She’s finally turning 13 too. I’m exactly 23 days older than her. She must be really excited. She sounded pretty excited when I called her yesterday.

Anyways, I gotta go. I have to finish homework now. I’ll write back in the evening.

I’m back! It’s 11 pm.

I went to the meeting anyways. All we really did was watch TV. I still have history homework that I haven’t finished yet.

Since I’ve been sick for quite a while, I got so much taller and I’ve also lost some weight because I wouldn’t eat anything.


Thurs Dec 29, 2005

It’s almost 2006! I can’t wait! That’s all I wanted to say! Bye bye!


Friday Dec 30, 2005

[Blank] is such a lazy bum. I have to bring all the plants to school but I have Algebra first period every day and [blank] has nothing three times a week. I’m just gonna let [blank] deal with it. When we go back to school on Tuesday I’ll tell [blank] that we’re just getting a bad grade. I’ve done mostly EVERYTHING for this project and [blank] always has to do it at MY house. I hate [blank][Blank]‘s such a lazy asshole.

Too bad cuz we’re gonna fail in the display part. I’m not gonna do everything for [blank]. Too bad if we fail cuz it’s [blank]‘s freaking problem. I just wanna slap [blank] so bad right now! [Blank] expects me to do everything. [Blank] thinks I’m gonna get us a good grade. Too bad cuz I’m not even gonna bring it. Somehow [blank] has to.

Dear [Blank], 

We’re gonna get a bad grade for science because you’re too lazy to bring the friggin plants yourself. You probably just sit at home all day watching TV while I do all your freaking work. Why don’t you ever do work? How come I have to do everything. Plus, when you actually do something, how come it’s all bad? You are so lazy. You just want me to do all the work and you just want the grade, don’t you? Well too bad for you cuz somehow you’re gonna have to bring the plants to school. I’m not bringing it. I’m only bringing the board. Ha ha! Now you’ll finally do some of the work, you lazy bum!

From your hard working friend (unlike you),

Jan 18, 2006

It’s 2006 finally! I think school’s getting harder. Yesterday was my Learner Led Conference and I was pretty lucky.

Today (just now) was so unfair!
Just because Angela didn’t do her homework we’re both grounded for a week. That’s hecka jacked up. Seriously.

Today was hecka raining and when I got to school, me and Ashley played outside in the rain. Then Russell locked us out and Rachel let us back in.

March 7, 2006

The last time I wrote was in January?! Wow!

Well I hate school. It’s so freaking hard! Especially Algebra. I got a bad grade today and my parents got so mad at me! Doesn’t that HELLA suck ass?!

Today was Mr. Winkler’s birthday. When I went to piano, there were so many distractions that I barely had time to do much. Anyways, life’s going…horribly… I just don’t like life.

I sooo wanna go back to Korea. It’s like the best place ever. I hella miss it there where I used to have so much fun, buying ice cream, playing at parks, going to art school.

Hey the good news is that softball started again! Yay! I haven’t written in so long that you (whoever you are) don’t even know a single clue about my softball team, huh? […..] I got Jesus as my coach again for this year. Our color is black. And our name is the Thunderbolts. Bolts for short. It used to be the Black Pearls but our socks have yellow thunderbolts on them so we obviously changed it.

I so can’t wait till summer vacation but Ashley’s moving to Main this summer. All da way across da US doesn’t dat jus suck ass? I don’t know if I mentioned this but like in January, I sprained my right thumb but didn’t go to the doctor’s so my thumb is so swollen. And it hurts when I write a lot like right now.
Angela got glasses. To tell you the truth she looks 100% better with glasses than without. Don’t tell her I said that!

April 4, 2006

March 7? Wow that was a month ago!

To get on with today’s entry… School’s getting crappier. It’s just not a really good time for school. Daylight savings…one less hour of sleep. I’m so fu(beep) tired. Last night I went to bed at midnight…no…1. We got home from Edward’s house. The day before I slept at 2:30. Angela Yoon’s house.

Anyways, gotta go. I gotta do my hw. See ya!

Tues April 25, 2006

The last time I wrote was at the beginning of the month and now it’s the end so that’s kinda sad. Well lots of news!!! First of all, we finally won our first softball game. Record: 1-2. We won 13-10. It was in Rodeo. Very hot and dry. And I think I did a pretty good job in pitching. Struck out 2 batters then the last out was when a girl tried to steal third and we got her out.

I had fun during spring break. On the first day, I slept over at Rhonda’s house and saw The Benchwarmers with Megan. Rhonda, Angela, and Rachel wanted to see Scary Movie 4. Well actually we all wanted to see The Benchwarmers except Angela so Rhonda and Rachel had to go with her to see Scary Movie 4. 

Tues May 23, 2006

Hey I didn’t tell you: My mom went to Korea about a week ago because her brother died. She came back a few days ago. My mom brought home so many cross-stitchings. I’m on my second one. It’s cute.

Anyways, Ashley went to San Diego for a week. […..] I have a speech this Thursday that I’m definitely not ready for. School’s almost over. Summer vacation is almost here! 15 more days of school left. We already took STAR testing. Boring!!! Anyways this pencil is giving me a HUGE handcramp. I’ll write in like 10 seconds. I need to run downstairs to watch the A’s. See you in 10 seconds!

10 seconds later – still Tues May 23, 2006

Ok I’m back, 10 seconds later. I’m on channel 6, KICU, watching the A’s. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh my God! Last Friday!! Ok, last Friday, I got picked up early by Mom and went to this Mexican diner to meet her friend. We ate and my mom and her friend talked for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT! And then we went to Macy’s to try to look for my Adidas shoes. But somebody called my mom and she talked for about an hour. Then RIGHT before we were about to go, someone else called and Mom talked for a while. Then they didn’t have my size so we had to go home. So I said it was NOT FAIR arghhhh!

Mon June 26, 2006

Ok the last time I wrote was in May and now it’s June. School got out on the 15th so I’m two weeks into summer vacation already. Last Friday, our church had a junior high retreat/lock-in. It was fun! But we never had enough to eat and all the girls were hungry at night including me! It was fun the first night when nobody could go to sleep and we played games all night. Well pretty soon, almost everybody fell asleep and it was quiet. Me, Sarah, Angela, and Evelyn were the only ones awake until Angela and Evelyn fell asleep. Then it was just me and Sarah. But pretty soon Sarah fell asleep but by then, Rhonda and Monica were awake and we told each other stories. So in conclusion, it was only me that stayed awake the whole night. The next night though, I fell asleep because I was so tired. The lock-in was from Fri-Sun so I only got back yesterday. On Saturday we had to make a pyramid with people and I was at the bottom with Rhonda. And Evelyn and Angela got on top of us. […..] But Evelyn kept digging her knees into my spine then kept falling off, then getting back on. She did that like 5 or 6 times in a row. […..] So me and Rhonda were complaining a lot because our backs were aching. And it’s still aching now as I write.

Fri June 30, 2006

Well yesterday I didn’t get braces. It was just like a check-up on our teeth. I don’t wanna write right now. I’ll write back later.

Sept 2, 2006

Got braces, school’s started, and the A’s are in first place by like 8 games so life’s good.We got hw already during the first week of school. My schedule is below:


Mon Sept 4, 2006

No school today cause it’s Labor Day. I hope we just stay home today cause I so friggin wanna see baseball today. I’m so obsessed with baseball lately cause the A’s are like the best team right now. They’re in first place about 9 games ahead of the Angels. Today their [sic] playing Texas at 1 and now it’s almost 12 so I gotta somehow convince my mom to let me watch it.

Well school’s boring. I have so many free periods that it’s so boring. I should bring more books to school like Sophia.
I went to church camp, Camp Logos, and I got sick. Came home a day early. Yeah it was like food poisoning or stomach flu. That food over there was hella gross. And it was like the worst camp I ever went to seriously.

Tues Sept 5, 2006

Mom’s birthday is like in a week. And we and Angela have $42 so far.  I’m so obsessed with baseball and it’s driving me nuts. Yesterday I got to see baseball (yay) but the A’s lost. I’m so obsessed with Full House too.

Today I got home from piano and we went to the tennis court next to our house and had fun there.

At school, Sophia’s letting me borrow her books from her “library.” I hate Electronic Music. But we only have it twice a week.

Sept 10, 2006

Today’s a Sunday and it’s 9 pm. I got back from church and the A’s won today. Yaaaa! Rhonda, me, Angela, and Megan played the ABCD game, the hand slapping game. And my hand is swollen! […..] Clara and I are playing softball together this year!! But I gotta wait like 2 or 3 or maybe 4 more months till the softball season starts. So that kinda sucks. This year’s gonna be my last year playing AGSA softball but in high school I can play on the Encinal team.

Today was really hot in Oakland. After church we went to the library. Tomorrow I have PE and I hate walking all the way to Washington Park without any gym clothes. I wish ACLC could be like a regular middle school with our own gym or yard and gym clothes.
When I turn 14 I don’t want a birthday party. All my parties turn out bad for some reason. And it always rains. This year I’m gonna go a lot of snowboarding! Yahh! I’m probably gonna go like 4 times a month! Winter’s the best season ever!
My hand still hurts from the ABCD game this morning and I’m getting a huge hand cramp too so I’ll try to write back tomorrow. Bye bye!

Mon Sept 11, 2006

Monday PE! Tiring sore legs boring day 2morrow even more boring 1 class. BYE.

Sept 16, 2006

Saturday. Saturday school. Korean school. Ew. I hate it but I hope I’ll miss most of it because of softball. […..] I got some new books: Tangerine and Each Little Bird That Sings. You’re probably wondering why I’m writing such boring stuff.. Well it’s because I’m just tryna fill up space.

A’s won against the White Sox for the second game. Yesterday was the first game for the 3-game series and they won it 4-2 and today they won it 7-4. Tomorrow’s the last game of the series. I’m gonna go now. Bye, it’s 11.

Sept 26, 2006

Hi! This is Angela! Well I have to do a year long report! And a book report. Buy some earrings for $2. Well buy some or else I hate you!

I honestly couldn’t read the rest of this


Sept 29, 2006

Today is a Friday and it was a half-day and I went to Room A to volunteer. Helping those little first graders was so fun! And they’re so cute! Most of them hugged me and Khala came with me. I saw Iris too and she’s still sooo cute! And we hugged a lot and I told her I would come back next time. She’s in 3rd grade now. I can’t wait to go back. It was so much fun. I love those kids!

Well the A’s clinched the American League West and they’re going to the post season! Well I gotta go in to sleep now. And read.


Wed Nov 1, 2006

Jeez, the last time I wrote was in Sept! Well a lot has changed. I went to Six Flags with Rhonda last Sunday and with Sophia the week before that. I met Julia there and we went on some rides together. Halloween was yesterday and we got lots of candy. The World Series is over. Cardinals won over the Tigers. A’s lost to the Tigers. But it happened a lot time ago so I’m over it.

Tomorrow it might rain. Yay, I love the rain. I read the 13th book in The Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s so shocking.

Two days ago I registered for softball 2007! And I hope Clara signed up. […..] Thanksgiving is coming soon. That means we’re gonna go snowboarding soon. I think Jenna and Angela Yoon’s families are going too but I’m not sure yet. But I do know that Jenna’s family is going for sure. Man I can’t wait. My snowboard’s just sitting in the garage.


Thurs Nov 2, 2006

Tomorrow, Sophia’s going to Tobago for 2 weeks. Well she’s leaving tonight. OMG! I just heard a plane near my house. Maybe that’s her flight…? It’s 10 minutes to 6 o’clock now. […..] I found this book in my bookshelf yesterday when I was cleaning it out. It’s called Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things. I’m reading that right now. It’s a comic book jeez.

Today it finally started raining and 6th period, I went outside and got myself soaked. So when I got home, I took a shower, started reading the book, did my homework, and now here I am! I’ll write back tomorrow. Bye!


Mon Nov 6, 2006

Two days ago, [Blank] came to stay at our house for 9 days. Today’s only Monday and I gotta wait until this Saturday till I get my room back. Well today, we didn’t have PE cause of Learner Led Conference for the new kids. Julia didn’t come to school today so I spent the whole day with Aja. Clara signed up and registered for softball this season and we’re gonna go to the first clinic together on December 9th. But that’s when my piano recital is so we’ll see.

The last Sunday School was yesterday. We sat in a room and told scary stories. So freaky. “Say Goodbye” by Chris Brown is stuck in my head. […..] Yesterday, I saw The Santa Claus 3.


Tues Nov 7, 2006

THE A’S ARE MOVING TO FREMONT. I can’t believe it. They’re not the A’s without the Oakland. Man this really sucks. I’m so depressed. And Ron Washington is gonna be the Texas Rangers’ manager next season. What’s happening to the world??!! I’m so fucking sad right now. Who wants to go all the way to Fremont to watch a baseball game?? They should just leave the A’s in Oakland. It doesn’t seem right. Fremont A’s?? Fuck that. It’s Oakland! Get it right!


Wed Nov 22, 2006

It’s exactly 2 weeks till my birthday. 14! Ya! Today we had no school cause of Thanksgiving break. And we’re going to Lake Tahoe tomorrow. And we’re going snowboarding on Friday! I’ve waited all season long to go snowboarding! […..] It’s 12:10 am right now. I’m hecka tired. […..] School is fun but really boring on Tuesdays cause I only have one class. We’re reading The Diary of Anne Frank. […..] Today we went to the dentist. I got my way back bottom teeth bracket which hurt. Then Walgreens, the new one at Southshore, and I saw Sarah there and we came home.


Sat Nov 25, 2006

It was Turkey Day on Thursday. We went to Lake Tahoe. I went snowboarding with Ed. We got back like 6 hours ago! Bye bye!


Sun Nov 26, 2006

It’s Sunday today. We went to mass. My body is so sore from snowboarding. So I’m waiting for softball to start. I can’t wait! School tomorrow, dang. It’s raining right now and I hope it will keep raining tomorrow. That means no PE.

This Saturday is Julia’s b-day and next Wednesday is mine. I’m gonna be 14, Julia 13. We’re only the same age for 4 days so we decided to do something special for those 4 days.

I have a huge bruise on my knee from when I fell snowboarding. I tried the toe curve and fell flat on my stomach and knees. Ow! Well I’m gonna go so I can start my wishlist for my birthday.


Tues Nov 28, 2006

I just got back from piano. I couldn’t write for a couple of days cause

Woah. The pen stopped working for a while.

Ok we got journals for English and I had to write in that one. We’re reading The Diary of Anne Frank so our teacher wants us to keep our own journals too.

Oh yeah 8 days till my b-day. 4 days till Julia’s. I’m going to her party this Friday.


Thurs Nov 30, 2006

It’s finally the last day of November. Tomorrow is December 1 and Julia’s birthday is the 2nd. Only 6 more days till my 14th birthday! I’m not having a party though cause it’s always raining and someone ruins the party. I got Julia this Roxy snow beanie she really wanted.


Sun Dec 31, 2006

Well I haven’t written for a while. My birthday already past [sic]. So did Julia’s. Winter break started. Actually it’s almost over. Tomorrow’s the last day. Also tomorrow’s the first day of January. We’re doing homework right now.

Today we went to church and the singing thing today was for all the groups. […..] The A’s got Mike Piazza and the Giants got Barry Zito. They hecka overpaid him. 7 years, 126 million. Wow.


Wed Jan 3, 2007

I had a good New Year’s Day but I hated going back to school on the day after. It was really boring because I only had one class. […..] Today’s Wednesday and Syl’s class got canceled again. Then I had Science and Geometry. […..] I’m working on my science fair project now. Mom and Dad are at a dinner meeting right now so me and Angela are home alone. […..] Tomorrow is PE. NOO! Well I gotta go finish up my science fair project board and tutor Angela.


Thurs Jan 4, 2007

I just got back from Julia’s house and took a shower and now I’m tutoring Angela on her homework. I already did mine so I decided to write. So at Julia’s house we prank called people. A lot of people. […..] Well I gotta go and help Angela before she starts complaining. Bye!


Wed Jan 10, 2007

I haven’t written for a while so I’ll write about what happened between last Thursday and today.

On Friday the 5th, I went to Julia house again. We hung out with Lorin and this guy Evan from Chipman. It was lots of fun.

On Saturday the 6th, I had a softball clinic at Krusi from 1-4 pm. Clara met me there and people from Cal did some drills with us. I was so tired the next day.

On Sunday the 7th, I went to church. That was it.

On Monday the 8th, I went to school and had English, PE, and Geometry. Then after school, Julia came over and we had fun telling ghost stories in the dark cause Angela’s friend Ashley came over too.

Then Tuesday, which was yesterday, I went to piano and while Angela was doing her lesson, me and Sarah went to the beach area and started making a little bridge made of rocks and we decided to make a huge long bridge by the end of summer that goes all the way to the other side. I don’t know if it’ll work but during the summer I can get out more so we promised each other that we’d at least try.

And finally today, I just went to school, took a shower, and now I’m writing and also I gotta go homework. Our science fair is tomorrow! Julia is so nervous about it. Today we had to read our history poems out loud. Everyone liked mine and they said it was funny.
Angela is trying to read this so I’m gonna go now. Oh yeah Angela’s DARE graduation is tomorrow so it’s gonna be cool. But she didn’t win anything! LOL, I did!


Sat Jan 13, 2007

I am so tired right now! I just cleaned up the whole house with my mom. […..] Dad and Angela left for Lake Tahoe yesterday and they’re probably skiing right now. Well yesterday I went to Julia’s house again. Then when I came home, I got a lot of new songs for my iPod. On Monday we don’t have school! It’s a holiday, yay!


Wed Jan 17, 2007

I am at home. I am doing nothing. Today was a pretty good day. I got a certificate for the science fair project. 2nd place. For math we had a test but I couldn’t do it because my calculator wasn’t working. I needed my calculator because the questions were about square roots and stuff. In a while we’re gonna go to the library.


Sat Jan 20, 2007

I just took a shower after I got back from softball. It was the evaluation today. I think I did a really good job. My arm really hurts right now.
Angela spilled Nestea all over my desk and on my drawers and on my backpack. That’s why the front of this notebook is covered in it.



Sun Jan 21, 2007

It’s 9:40 am right now and I’m getting ready to go to church. Me and Angela woke up at 8 o’clock this morning and had so much jello that I think I’m gonna barf. […..] At this moment, I am reading Confessions of a Closet Catholic. It’s interesting because a girl is Jewish but she wants to be Catholic like her new best friend.

This week is gonna be awesome. Monday is a regular day, Tues-Thurs is conferences so they are half days. And Friday is also a half day. My conference is on Tuesday at noon. Mine’s with Paul. We have to focus on rules. Rules we like, rules we don’t like, and rules we think our school should have.

Well I gotta go get ready for church. Sunday School’s starting today ew. Bye! P.S. This pen smells good. Sniff the paper!


Mon Jan 22, 2007

Yesterday after church, Ed, Jenna, Angela, and I went to Emeryville and we watched Stomp the Yard. The movie was making me dizzy cause it was shaking so much. After the movie, we went back to where the parents were: Starbucks. I got a frappicino [sic]. Then we went home and I felt like I was gonna throw up cause of the movie.

And at Sunday School we just watched Napoleon Dynamite. So boring! I hate that movie. It is the most pointless movie ever! Right now, Mom and Dad are obsessed with Desperate Housewives. 

Today I went to school of course. At PE we played kickball and I think I did really really good. At Geometry, we told scary stuff. Then at home I told my sister and we both got freaked out and were so paranoid. But after we took a shower, we got over it.


Tues Jan 23, 2007

Angela is so loud right now. She just lost my baseball and it went into the bushes and it’s hecka dark. Now we’re in the garage cause she just screamed. What a fucking bitch. What an asshole. Well I’m mad but I’m just gonna write.

Today I had my conference and it was kinda ok. After that, I went to Big 5 with Dad and got a softball. Then I went to piano and just got home. And now Mom let us out of the garage and now she’s talking to Angela. Now she’s yelling at me. And Angela is the ugliest nerdiest person ever. I hate my life.



Tues Jan 30, 2007

It is 8 pm right now. Let me tell you about the past 4 days. On Saturday all I really did was stay home after Korean School and then later at like 6 pm we went to Edward’s house. We ate dinner and played games. On Sunday we went to Southshore where we went to Trader Joe’s and Beverly’s. Now Monday. We went to school of course. I had no English. But there was a homework assignment so I finished that. Then PE where we played soccer and Will kicked me in the shin and now there’s a huge bruise and bump. Then I had Geometry later on.

Ok now today. After school I had to go to piano. Then we played in the beach. That’s basically all that happened today. Bye!


Sun Feb 4, 2007

It’s finally February. I had so much homework last week. But I’m done now except with one more paper for Electronic Music but it’s due on Tuesday. I’ll probably do it tomorrow.


Tues Feb 6, 2007

I couldn’t write yesterday because I caught a cold. Today is worse but I wanted to write. So on Monday, Julia didn’t come to school. She didn’t come today either. She has the flu. Today I went to piano then we came back and ate dinner and Angela and her friend Ashley went to ACLC tonight because it’s Information Night.
My report card came on Friday for the second semester. I got a 4.0 of course. I played Pokemon but Mom said, “Stop playing that!” and “Go do your homework!”


Wed Feb 7, 2007

The drama has gotten worse. […..] Today I told them all that if me and Julia wrote them up they might get suspended. So I told them do you wanna get suspended or do you just wanna stop messing with us?  And they said they’ll stop messing with us. But I still don’t trust them. […..] If one more thing happens between us, our parents have to have a conference. I hope so because I know they’re not really gonna stop.


Thurs Feb 8, 2007

Today I came home at about 12 because my stomach started hurting. I gotta go study for the science quiz tomorrow!


Sat Feb 10, 2007

I just got back from Girl’s World. We had fun making roller coasters, powerpoints, and quilt art things. I got 5 hours of community service and Angela went too.

Yesterday, people came to our house and left at like midnight. We watch The Terminal. And I played Gameboy. Well it’s only 2 pm and I’m so bored. Maybe I’ll just do homework then watch Full House. 


Sun Feb 11, 2007

I went to church today then saw Norbit with Rhonda and Megan. It was so funny! Well now I’m mad. I’m gonna go for a walk. See ya!


Mon Feb 12, 2007

I got back from San Jose a few minutes ago. I had a dentist appointment. […..] Anyways at school, I had English, PE, then Geometry. Also I got a sticker book at Morning Glory. It’s so cute! This weekend is a four day weekend and we’re going to Lake Tahoe! […..] Also Saturday’s my very first softball practice but I can’t go cause we’re going to Lake Tahoe! Tonight at 7 was a parent meeting at my softball coach’s house but Mom and Dad couldn’t go.


Wed Feb 14, 2007

I got a Valentine!


Tues Feb 20, 2007

I went to Lake Tahoe over the 4 day weekend. I snowboarded on Saturday, came back on Sunday, and had softball practice on Monday. Practice was 2 hours long and so tiring. I have a new coach this year.


Wed Feb 21, 2007

Today I went to school and had History and Geometry. I was supposed to have Science but it was canceled cause the Monday class didn’t meet. I came home and read and did homework then did some Rosetta Stone. I’m taking Korean.


Thurs Feb 22, 2007

Today I went to school, had English (we practiced our speeches in little groups), PE (in Portable 5. We made fitness goal charts), and came home, read, and did homework.

Omg. Angela’s so annoying with her bad attitude. She’s so weird. She thinks she’s so cool and she thinks she’s the boss of me.

Fri Feb 23, 2007

I’m so glad it’s a Friday. Tomorrow I have Korean School and softball practice. I gotta go ride my bike to Crab Cove today. Yesterday, I made a fitness goal chart for PE and now I gotta go.

Today I had English. We read our speeches to the whole class. Right before I went, Syl made a speech about nervousness and it got me soo nervous. After I was done, I was walking back to my seat and tripped on someone’s backpack. I wanted to die

In Science, we got packets for hw and then we ate ice cream. In math, I had a test.

I just got back from riding bikes with Julia, Nicole, and Gabby. We went to Crab Cove!


Mon Feb 26, 2007

Over the weekend, Rhonda and Megan came to our house because our parents went to Sacramento. They came at like 4 o’clock but I was at softball practice from 3-5. I had to ride my bike home. Then the 4 of us went to Foster’s Freeze then Bonfare then home. That was all Saturday.

On Sunday we went to church cause Megan slept over. That was it mostly.


Tues Feb 27, 2007

I just got back from school and it’s raining really hard. I gotta go to piano soon in like 10 minutes. I’ll show you some calligraphy.



Wed Feb 28, 2007

It’s the last day of February! Tomorrow’s March! Tomorrow I’m going to soccer tryouts for Chipman! Saturday I’m having a softball scrimmage against the other 14U team!


Fri Mar 2, 2007

I am so tired right now! I just got back from soccer tryouts again! It was so tiring! On Monday I gotta go see if I made the team. Tomorrow I have my softball game and I gotta go buy my stuff at Big 5. Sophia’s gonna come watch my game.


Sun Mar 4, 2007

Yesterday I had the softball game. It was just a scrimmage. Clara was good! Sophia came to watch. Tomorrow I gotta go see if I made the Chipman soccer team!


Mon Mar 5, 2007

Today I went to Chipman after school to see if I made the soccer team! I saw my name! OMG! Julia, Gabby, Lorin, and Nicole made it too. […..] I still can’t believe I made it! I heard people talking like there’s only 3 eighth graders on the team! Sarah, Regina, and someone else. At Chipman, [Blank] was there and she gave me a dirty look so I did too.

After I got home I had to go to softball practice, but Scott wasn’t there so Darryl was our coach, Tyler’s dad. He was much easier!


Fri Mar 9, 2007

I haven’t written for a while now because I’ve been so busy: soccer, softball, piano. Mostly soccer cause we have practice everyday. Tomorrow’s my first softball game. Wednesday was our soccer game versus Wood. We lost 2-0.


Mon Mar 12, 2007

I just got home from soccer today. We played against Lincoln and lost 2-0 again but we played a lot better than we did the other day at Wood. I have a grass allergy so whenever I come back from softball or softball I get rashes and a huge headache.


Wed Mar 14, 2007

The snow trip is in two days! I’m gonna sleep over Julia’s house (finally) on Thursday and go to the snow trip on Friday! I can’t wait!


Sun Mar 18, 2007

The snow trip was so fun on Friday! It’s a four day weekend right now so I don’t have school tomorrow yay! I will talk about what happened so far this weekend:

Friday: I went to the snow trip. I woke up at 3 am to get to school by 3:30 am. It was so dark and cold. We got on the bus and me, Julia, and Lorin got the back seat and Gaby and Nicole sat in front of us. But [Blank] wanted the backseat to lay down so he kept giving us dirty looks. We watched movies while we were going there. We finally got there at Squaw Valley at 7:30 am and we hit the slopes at like 8 or 8:30 am. We had fun. Then we had to get back to the bus by 3:30 pm and all 5 of us were late cause we couldn’t find the cable car. We finally found it after going around the whole mountain but it was on top of a slope so we had to climb it! It was so tiring and some people were crying. Then we left Squaw Valley at 4 and watched more movies on the bus and got to ACLC at like 7:30. I got home and showered. I got a sunburn!

Saturday: First I went to Korean School in the morning. Then at 3 pm I went to Crab Cove and practiced softball with Clara. My arm is so sore from pitching yesterday. Then at night, me, Angela, and Mom went to James’ house cause his aunt cut our hair. I got layers and side bangs and short, short hair!



Mon Mar 19, 2007

Wow Journal #3! […..] I went to softball today and pitched. I was so sore from Saturday, pitching for Clara and my arm hurt so bad but I wanna pitch real bad so I pitched batting practice. It wasn’t that bad. We have a game this Saturday against San Lorenzo (the BIG girls).

It’s already summer. Summer started last Sunday so we had to turn the clock one hour forward and I basically lost an hour of sleep. I’m gonna go read then sleep. Bye!


Tues Mar 20, 2007

Angela’s birthday is in a week. She’s going to the movies. Today it was so boring at school! One class: Electronic Music. Me and Sophia’s new beat is really good so far. After school I went to piano then came home and read A LOT! Then I wrote back to Angela Yoon and now i’m writing in my journal. We have this artifact project and I just finished making mine: two Latin poems, translated into English. I made it look so good with stains and burnt pieces. I put it in a box and put a note at the top that says, “These are the only things left from the fire” or something like that. It looks so cool! It’s due tomorrow.


You’re probably wondering about the bath tissue thing right? Well I decided to put something that happened today on my journal. Today the bath tissue thing proves that I changed the empty toilet paper roll and put on a new one.


Mon April 16, 2007

Wow I haven’t written in forever! Let’s see, baseball season already started. Just yesterday, the A’s took the series 2-1 from the Yankees on a Marco Scutaro walk off homerun! Also last week was spring break and our family went to Los Angeles. We went to Disneyland, California Adventures, and Universal Studios. It was so fun! […..] We also went to Koreatown.

Well I gotta go now. I might go get some Hot Cheetos with Julia and Sherissa. Bye!


Mon April 30, 2007

Today’s the last day of April! Wow I have so much to catch you up on. We had a lot of softball games since the last time I wrote, the 16th. On April 21, we played against Albany and won. The score was like…I don’t remember but they really sucked. On April 25, we played the other Alameda team and won 8-1. On April 28, we played another Albany-Berkeley team and won like 10-2 or 12-2 something like that. I’m gonna try out for the Blaze summer team this Sunday.


Mon May 14, 2007

OMG! I made the summer softball team but I can’t do it cause I have READING CLASSES over the summer! OMG! I was so pissed! I can’t do fucking softball. I was crying over that so much.
I had my piano recital on Saturday. I skipped softball for that. I was second to last on the recital. My guild is this Saturday. I won a prize during Sunday School for figuring out this crossword puzzle about the 7 Beatitudes. I got a huge pencil that blows bubbles.

Right now, Angela’s friend is over, baking break. WTFFFF.


Thurs June 21, 2007

I know I haven’t written in a long time so it might be confusing. Let’s see: summer’s already started. It’s almost been a week. I’m going to camp in July. Me and Angela have started those reading classes. We’re reading Banner in the Sky and it’s actually pretty good. […..] When Angela Yoon gets back from Korea next Tuesday, we promised each other that we’ll hang out a lot and have fun.

Yesterday we ate dinner with Rhonda and Megan. We were supposed to watch a movie after but “it was too late” cause it was 8 o’clock. So Rhonda called me and said we could come over but my mom was like no cause I have to go to work tomorrow. We didn’t have any fun yet. Just homework. Everyone else has already gone to Great America like 3 times!


Sun July 8, 2007

It’s already July! On Friday I saw Ratatouille with Angela Yoon. On Wednesday it was the fourth of July and I went to Six Flags with Julia and Nicole. We saw fireworks there but it only lasted like 10 minutes. The day after (Thursday), I went to Great America with my family.

I’m still sad about the summer softball team! On July 26-29 I have to go to camp.


Thurs July 12, 2007

I’m not looking forward to going to camp because it’s so stupid. I just squished a spider with my Aleks notebook.

Yesterday was 7/11 so me and Julia went to 7/11 and got free Slurpees. I got a new phone on Tuesday. It’s so cool. Also I got UNLIMITED texting. I feel so spoiled…


Tues July 17, 2007

I can’t believe Jason Kendall got traded to the Cubs yesterday. I don’t wanna watch baseball anymore.


Tues July 24, 2007

I’m leaving for camp on Thursday. So the day after tomorrow. There are so many people and friends who are going this time like Angela Yoon, my sister, Rhonda, Megan, Evelyn, Isabelle, probably Clara, Eric (cousin). The high school camp got back today.

Yesterday, I got the last Harry Potter book. Now I have the whole Harry Potter collection!

In August, me and Julia are doing this soccer program for two weeks! So excited! Also I can’t wait for school to start cause I’m gonna be in high school! I can’t believe it. It seemed like I would never get to high school. Then after high school it’s college then I’ll be an adult and have my own family. Wow so much to think about.

Well about camp, we’re gonna sleep in tents and I still don’t know if the showers are there and if they work cause if the showers are there we have to do the annual obstacle course. If not we don’t have to. I hope we don’t have to.

Yesterday the A’s beat the Angels 12-6 in LA. Yay!


Sun July 29, 2007

I just got back from camp and took a shower… Camp was so much fun! Our family group was the eLEMONators cause we were yellow! So fun, so fun! I can’t explain it in words right now. I’m gonna put my bandana and stuff in my memory box so look in there! Camp Exodus!


Wed Aug 1, 2007

Starting August 6th (Monday) till August 17th (Friday) for two weeks I’m gonna do soccer with Julia. Tomorrow I’m going to Great America with James and Andrew.

I got so sunburned at camp! My face is peeling. Ew. I also made a new friend at camp.


Sun Aug 5, 2007

Today it was hecka cold! It was sprinkling. Tomorrow I start that soccer thingy. 12:30-2:30.


Fri Aug 10, 2007

Today there’s no soccer for somer reason. I just got back from the movies. We went with Isabelle and Sophia and saw Rush Hour 3. Then we dropped Sophia off at her friend’s house.

Now I’m doing my homework so I can watch baseball at 4. Right now it’s 3:42.


Tues Aug 28, 2007

Yesterday I went over to Julia’s house and went swimming at the YMCA. It was fun. And today I have to go to piano! Only  a week left before school starts.

Angela my sister is just a bitch UGH.


Mon Nov 12, 2007

Wow, I haven’t written in a while. So basically, school already started a long time ago. I’m getting busy with so much homework. I’m taking Physics and Algebra 2 so it’s hard. My sister goes to ACLC now.

I went trick-or-treating on Halloween with Julia and later met Brigette and Alex. I made the Encinal soccer team! We have no school today because it’s Veteran’s Day. Yesterday I went to Evelyn’s birthday party.
I have soccer practice today but can’t go cause I’m sick. Cold, headache, sore throat, body aches.


Tues Dec 25, 2007

Today is Christmas. Winter break started. Friday was the last school day. On Friday after school, me and Angela went to SF with Eric and Anna. We went to Pier 39, ate dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, then went to the Metrion [sic] and watched Sweeney Todd. Then we came back home at like 1 in the morning. The next day, Saturday, we went to the dentist then to New Park Mall and I got new shoes: blue checkered vans. On Sunday, church. Then off to Angela Yoon’s house for fun. Came home after 12. Monday woke up early to go watch the Nutcracker Ballet at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Then there was a huge Christmas Eve party at our house and this really annoying little baby named Hannah or Anna or something was so annoying.

Today we went to church and there was the annual raffle thingy. I won a prize but when I opened it, it was soap! […..] I’m texting with Ashley in Maine. My birthday passed. I am now 15.


Fri Jan 11, 2008

I just came back from the dance! So fun! I only danced a little. I went with Julia and Brigette. […..] Next time we have a dance I’m gonna bring all my friends. OMG. Fun. Ok I’m gonna go and watch Happy Feet now.


Thurs Jan 31, 2008

Last day of January! There are so many things coming up in February: softball tryouts, Romeo and Juliet play, and Valentine’s Day. […..] Today was like global warming day so we had no classes.


Sun April 13, 2008

I have so much to talk about because the last time I wrote was in January. So me and Michael already broke up in March. I’m on the Encinal varsity softball team with Sophia. Lachelle’s also on the team. Remember from the Mean Green Lima Beans?! In Physics, we’re starting the roller coaster lab. Our group is: Me, Sophia, Kaila, and Loren. Our theme is like “scary” bear factory. Yesterday, me, Sophia, Aaron, Khala, Palwasha, Andrew, and Khalid went to Jack London to watch Prom Night which is such a bad movie! Such a disappointment. […..] In English, we just finished reading and watching To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s my favorite book now. The A’s have the best record in the AL.  We also picked classes for next year: English 2, English 2 HP, AP European History at Encinal, Precalculus HP, Chemistry, Spanish 2, Creative Writing. […..] I got a huge bump and bruise on my left shin from Friday’s game against Berkeley. We lost 8-2. But we’re 2-2 on the season.


Tues May 27, 2008

Roller coaster over. Boat Project started. Softball over. School almost over. Yesterday no school. It was a 3-day weekend. Went cherry picking and then Boomer’s. Saturday went to Emeryville to movies. Saw 3 movies: Iron Man, Baby Mama, and Indiana Jones. 


Tues July 22, 2008

Summer’s halfway over. Lots of AP, HP hw. I had Creative Spark last week. Went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for an excursion. Made some new friends. […..] I just got the shortest haircut ever! So ugly.


Jan 24, 2010

2010! I haven’t written in this book for so long! It’s so weird. A lot has changed. I’m a Junior now. My life is so busy. I just took the SAT yesterday. It was pretty good. PSAT in Oct. Now just hope I’ll do awesome on the real SAT. Let’s see what else…

I got a new phone. I raised a lot of money and bought it. An LG Voyager Titanium. I start Psychology at the college tomorrow. I took English 1A and Stats at COA during the summer. I’m tutoring students.

Great news: I just published my first novel. It’s called Ignition and it’s about to go on sale online! I just gotta wait for my proof copy which is coming Feb 4. My first ISBN number is 1450546021. […..] I should get started on the sequel. I have some ideas but I’m not sure exactly what’ll happen.

This is so weird to be writing in this… It’s been 2 years. Dang… When I read over what I wrote, it seems so stupid, so childish.


Feb 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011. So much has happened since the last time I wrote in this journal. I am now a Senior, I’ve just published my 2nd novel Crane’s Compass, I’m done with college apps, softball has started, Dylan and I are going out…man so much has changed.


Dec 10, 2011

I am a college freshman at Cal. First semester is coming to a close. I feel like I’ve grown up so much. I work, tutor, go to class, have an internship, write. Lots of changes in my life definitely. Graduation was amazing and really emotional. I’m still writing. It’s getting harder to though because of college. Interviewed 3 times for KCBS radio about the Berkeley apartment fire. Then 3 more times that morning for TV. Celebrated 1 year with Dylan. Just had my 19th birthday. Working my ass off to get myself through freshmen year. I haven’t taken out any loans. So proud. Interning for Merissa, great experience. Decided I want to write scripts.

College life is great. I’m becoming so independent now. I feel it. Palwasha and Giuliana are my roommates. So crazy. College English is amazing!

Won Holly Larsen Writing Scholarship at graduation. On Berkeley Handball team. The uniforms are so nice. Went to see Angela’s Songfest.


July 22, 2012

Been done with my first year of college. It was so great. I’m already looking forward to going back. I move back in (double with Palwasha) on August 14th, early because I’m an SOS volunteer.

Won 2nd place at Handball Nationals though I should have taken home the gold. By year’s end, I’d moved up to Vice President of the club.

Interning at KQED radio and Kimberely Cameron & Associates Literary Agency. Merissa has gone to Vermont.

On the 19th, saw The Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere at Alameda Theater with Angela, Palwasha, and Maria. SO EPIC!

Started a blog.

A’s just swept the Yankees in a 4 game series at home. Have clinched the 2nd wildcard spot. 11th walk-off victory – most in the majors. Most exciting thing ever.


This was my last handwritten journal entry. On the same day, I started my blog and published my first post entitled “From Paper to Post” which you can read here