I, Tonya Screening and Q&A


Because I was a baby when the Tonya Harding incident was prevalent, I didn’t even hear about the story until early reviews of I, Tonya came out. The movie was already getting Oscar buzz two weeks before its release this weekend, so Tim and I went to see it in the Dome at the Hollywood Arclight tonight.

Margot Robbie is in the house

After the showing, there was a brief Q&A session. Director Craig Gillespie, Writer Steve Rogers, and Actress Margot Robbie were there to talk more about the making of the movie and the inspiration behind it, which included the real Tonya Harding of course. I was surprised to hear that the cast and crew only took 31 days to film the whole thing, which is beyond impressive to me. The Q&A lasted about 30 minutes, then the three of them had to leave.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 9.19.10 PM.png

Before the Q&A, Margot Robbie also took a selfie and posted it to Instagram. You can barely make out my face there in the picture, but I’m there! I remember the girl in front of me put her hand up in a peace sign and thought to myself, “I’ll just look out for that.”

The movie itself was funny, witty, and dramatic at times. I could feel my heart racing during a few of the figure skating routines, but mostly because I didn’t know the outcomes of them because I didn’t watch the Olympics in the early 90s. Allison Janney made the movie for me by far. I personally wouldn’t say I, Tonya is an Oscar-worthy film, but I’m also not in charge of making that decision so what do I know? Either way, a fun movie to see in theaters and a great story to explore.

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