Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino


I gave in to the pressure and finally got one today. The first Starbucks we went to had sold out, so we went down the street (I know, right) to another store where they were still selling it. Although this frapp was introduced on Thursday, the craze wasn’t as bad as the one for the Unicorn frapp (aka we were able to buy it this time).

The first thing I noticed was the look of it. Yes, it kinda does look like zombie brains. Or a ground-up Barney. The taste…I’m still not sure what it tastes like. Jelly maybe. A hint of chocolate. I heard it was supposed to taste like a Green Apple Jolly Rancher but I didn’t think so.

It was a good enough drink, and right in time for Halloween. Since it’s practically pure sugar, I probably won’t be able to sleep for two days though.


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