Knott’s Scary Farm 2017

I love Halloween.

And now, Knott’s Scary Farm is my favorite Halloween event. It was a million times scarier than Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Night, which we went to last weekend.

Since this was my first time to Knott’s, I had no idea what to expect. Right when we entered the gates, scarers were appearing out of the fog and chasing us down. There were three Scare Zones located throughout the park, but the Ghost Town one was definitely the most terrifying one of them all.

We started the night with the Voo Doo maze because there was only a five minute wait. As we neared the start, there was a group of girls huddled around their friend, who was crying. Apparently, she’d gotten scared by a performer on the walk over to this maze. She and her friends exited the line, which made us first to enter the attraction. In this trip through New Orleans, we were scared out of our skin about ten times.

Next, we did the Paranormal Inc. maze where we walked through a haunted sanitarium. For me, this one tied for first with Voo Doo for the most frightening maze of the evening. Even though we were inside for about six minutes, it felt like an hour and I actually couldn’t wait to get out of there.

The Tooth Fairy maze came next where we toured the offices of Tim’s worst nightmare: crazy dentists. It was the bloodiest maze in my opinion, but the scares weren’t as heightened as the first two. Still, I was sweating through it.


This year was Elvira’s last year at Knott’s, so we had to see her show. I’d heard it was a must. The show was fun and musical and there were lots of gorgeous half-naked men, so yes, it was worth it. There were only two showtimes that night, so the auditorium was packed even though we got there 15 minutes early.

After braving the harrowing walk through the CarnEVIL Scare Zone, where killer clowns jumped out into the crowds, we took a quick dinner break. Then, it was off to the Red Barn maze where pigs and humans were being slaughtered inside. We ended the night with Dark Ride, a carnival-themed maze that wasn’t that scary.

By then, it was already 1:30 am. Since the event ended at 2, we headed out of the park. It was impossible to get through everything, especially on a Saturday night in the middle of October. We only got through half of the mazes. If you’re able to, I would get the Fast Lane pass for sure. Those lines were extremely short and zipped by quickly. I’ll be saving up for this starting now. I already can’t wait till next Halloween!


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