The Last Client: Final Shoot

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August 26-27, 2017

Well, we finished it. In the most trying two days of this project, our crew pulled together to film the final two episodes of The Last Client. After eight months of preparations for this weekend, we all reunited at the Trianon Theater in San Jose to wrap up Sam Weston’s story on the web series. Although there were definitely moments of hardship, moments that tested our patience and limits, I’m proud to say that we managed to get everything we needed in order to cut a great finale to this show.


Our day started bright and early on Saturday morning. Crew was up at 6 am and we all met at the theater at 10 to set up equipment. While I discussed the schedules with the cast over the phone, a couple crew members did a coffee run (much needed), and then it was into the theater to start rehearsals and set up for our first shot of the day.


Jon, our first AD, kept us to a pretty tight schedule all day, which was a blessing and a curse because we didn’t realize just how much there was to shoot. As always, our actors were pro and their passions for their characters showed up on camera.


The first day came to and end around 5 pm, and we actually wrapped a bit early. We all got some much needed rest that evening because we knew the next day would be extremely difficult (spoilers if I say why though!).

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Sunday morning started off at The Patio Bar. Becca and Terry were kind enough to let us film there again. We actually had a few of the bar patrons sit in as extras and it was clear they were super excited to be a part of it. It also helped that they were all fans of the show.

Bar Rehearsal.JPG

This scene went smoothly, almost too smoothly, because we wrapped this location an hour early! The crew got lunch together, then headed over to the Trianon again. We got tangled up a bit as a church service was exiting when we arrived, but eventually we got everyone settled and set up for the day.

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Somehow, we ended up way ahead of schedule after we shot the first scene of the day before the actors’ call time. But pride before the fall… We took way too long filming the climax (we weren’t properly prepared for the sheer magnitude of shooting something like this) and things took a sharp left turn from there. It took us a few hours to get back on track, and by then we were behind schedule and completely fucked.

Rehearsal Joseph.JPG

Somehow somehow somehow we pulled it together as a team (cast and crew combined) and finished up only an hour later than expected wrap. Many thanks to Arturo from the theater staff who graciously allowed us that extra hour. I was definitely running on fumes for those last couple scenes, but at the end of the day, we got what we needed.Camera.JPG

After the cast was wrapped and our Make Up Artist was removing all the hair/make up, we circled up as a crew and closed this chapter out on a positive note. We left the theater after midnight that night and somehow made our ways back home.


Everyone poured their hearts and souls into this project from the beginning and I can’t be prouder of this talented group of people who was just as determined to tell this story to the fullest extent as I was. We were all exhausted by the end of the weekend (I couldn’t do simple math by then), but this shoot proved we were all up to the challenge and pulled it off greater than I ever expected we would. I’m extremely thankful to my cast and crew; I couldn’t have asked for better people to go through this journey with!

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