Regina & Tim’s SF Trip

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Last Wednesday night, Tim and I left a sweltering LA and headed up north to San Francisco, which was only slightly sweltering. We got into the Bay at 2 am then got up early Thursday morning to hit the city.

We took the ferry across the Bay to SF, where tourists were already out and about in Fisherman’s Wharf. We immediately headed to the Golden Gate Bridge where we got magnificent views along the water. It was incredibly windy that day and all the effort that went into hair styling that morning went to waste.

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After the bridge, we went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio and spent about an hour inside. There were so many little kids on a field trip. They all ran around and chanted for Mickey Mouse. At first it was cute, then it got annoying really quickly…

After a quick lunch at a barbecue joint, Tim and I visited the Painted Ladies, the actual Full House house, and the Mrs. Doubtfire house. Tim wanted to walk through the streets of SF, so we definitely burned off the lunch pretty fast.


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After the Mrs. Doubtfire house, we took a Lyft into Chinatown where we mingled with the locals and also got some boba. There were so many trinket shops that sold the same exact items as their neighbors, and it was entertaining watching people haggle over prices.


Union Square was next where we finally got to rest for a bit. We then wandered around the area and shopped before hitting up Beard Papa for those amazing cream puffs. The last event of the night was the SF Dungeon with its new Escape from Alcatraz Drop Ride. I got picked as a participate for the first leg of the attraction where I had to spin the wheel that would determine the fate of our tour group. Tim had a good laugh at that, as it seems I’m always picked for stuff like this, ugh.

The next day, we slept in (which still means only like 9 am) and then went to the USS Hornet on the Alameda base. Funny enough, a family that was in our group at the SF Dungeon was also in our tour group for the Hornet, and we all remembered each other. The docents who led the tours served on sister ships in Vietnam so they were all super knowledgable about it.

That night, Tim, Angela, Tom, and I went out to the Castro where we hit up a club and even had a great conversation with the owner of a clothing store. It was a ratchet night but we all made it back okay around 2 am.


On the last day, Tim and I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose and we were thoroughly creeped out. We did an extended tour that took us to parts of the house that are not open to the rest of the public and I definitely got the heebie-jeebies during it.

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After the Winchester tour, we headed onto the highway and straight back to LA. Exhausted, I napped when I got home. It was a fun three days in the Bay and the trip was a good break from the routine of LA.

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