Whose Line Is It Anyway? Taping: Audience Experience

Kayla and I just got back from the Whose Line taping in Hollywood. Due to an extremely well-timed Facebook post, we were able to get tickets to the show tonight. It was an amazing night – definitely the best four hours of my life. I’ve never laughed harder.

The set is smaller in person. It was such a nostalgic night because I grew up watching the Drew Carey-hosted show late at night with my sister. Now to watch it in person was a dream come true.

The best part of the night was when Aisha Tyler was picking two people from the audience to participate in Sound Effects. I saw her looking at me and almost passed out when she stuck the mic in my face and asked for my name. The scene went by so quickly and it still feels like a dream. I don’t remember too much of it except for making the worst sound effects for Colin. I remember watching the show when I was younger and thinking, “I could totally do better sound effects than those people,” but when you’re put on the spot like that, it’s difficult to even form thoughts. According to Kayla though, it was a funny scene. I was also awarded 1,000 points, so I can say I have Whose Line points now! It was amazing getting to do a scene with Ryan and Colin, even though I felt like an idiot up on stage. I can’t wait to see it when it airs this summer.


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