Urinetown: Coeurage Theater

Last night, Tim and I went to see Urinetown in North Hollywood. It was my third time seeing this musical, and it was the best I’ve seen so far. I think the director took the humor to a far greater level and the actors pulled it off so well. At times, I felt like the lead actor’s singing voice got drowned out by the other cast members’ collective singing, but other than that, the whole show was amazing.


It’s always interesting going to multiple showings of the same musical because each time, the set design is so different. Coeurage was a smaller theater; I think there were only about 30 seats in the house. And it was located in an art gallery, so Tim and I had a lot of issues trying to find the right place. After much embarrassment and fright, we followed a pair of real adults inside to pick up our tickets.


I also went to The Federal for the first time! Tim and I got dinner there before the show. The atmosphere is the best part about that bar. Will definitely be back sometime.


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