We Are Now Season Pass Holders to Universal Studios Hollywood!


In the most spontaneous moment of 2017 so far, Kayla and I got season passes to Universal Studios. Since the park is only 15-20 min away from our place, it made sense to get these. Now, whenever we have some time to kill, we can always head over there. After the Whose Line taping, this is the most LA thing we’ve done since we moved here.


We got to the park around 2pm and headed straight for the gates where we received our season passes. We got inside and did the Studio Tour first. We had an amazing tour guide this time with an equally awesome driver, both women. After the tram tour, we explored Springfield and even tried Krusty Burgers! We wanted to get the huge Simpsons donut but were way too full for it.

“Pure joy! A true Ravenclaw casting her first spell” -Kayla Lawmaster

After that, it was onto Hogsmeade, where we practiced our magic and had some warm butterbeer inside The Three Broomsticks. I’ve only had the regular and frozen butterbeer, but I have to say this hot one was pretty dang good. It was perfect for a cold day and I’ve never been happier in my life.


We did get stuck on the Harry Potter ride right under the Whomping Willow, and it was funny listening to the audio continue playing with all the sound effects. I just didn’t want the tree to start up again and crush us to bits – I was directly under a branch.

Absolutely content

The Lower Lot was next, where we did Jurassic Park, The Mummy, and Transformers. All three rides had wait times no longer than 10 minutes and it was a blast to do all of them in the dark.


We finished up the day with the Minions ride, then explored City Walk and finally drove home. Because we knew we could come back anytime, there was no stress or pressure to try to do everything. It was great to stroll leisurely through the park and not feel rushed to fit everything into one day. 2017 is off to a great start!

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Taping: Audience Experience

Kayla and I just got back from the Whose Line taping in Hollywood. Due to an extremely well-timed Facebook post, we were able to get tickets to the show tonight. It was an amazing night – definitely the best four hours of my life. I’ve never laughed harder.

The set is smaller in person. It was such a nostalgic night because I grew up watching the Drew Carey-hosted show late at night with my sister. Now to watch it in person was a dream come true.

The best part of the night was when Aisha Tyler was picking two people from the audience to participate in Sound Effects. I saw her looking at me and almost passed out when she stuck the mic in my face and asked for my name. The scene went by so quickly and it still feels like a dream. I don’t remember too much of it except for making the worst sound effects for Colin. I remember watching the show when I was younger and thinking, “I could totally do better sound effects than those people,” but when you’re put on the spot like that, it’s difficult to even form thoughts. According to Kayla though, it was a funny scene. I was also awarded 1,000 points, so I can say I have Whose Line points now! It was amazing getting to do a scene with Ryan and Colin, even though I felt like an idiot up on stage. I can’t wait to see it when it airs this summer.

Urinetown: Coeurage Theater

Last night, Tim and I went to see Urinetown in North Hollywood. It was my third time seeing this musical, and it was the best I’ve seen so far. I think the director took the humor to a far greater level and the actors pulled it off so well. At times, I felt like the lead actor’s singing voice got drowned out by the other cast members’ collective singing, but other than that, the whole show was amazing.


It’s always interesting going to multiple showings of the same musical because each time, the set design is so different. Coeurage was a smaller theater; I think there were only about 30 seats in the house. And it was located in an art gallery, so Tim and I had a lot of issues trying to find the right place. After much embarrassment and fright, we followed a pair of real adults inside to pick up our tickets.


I also went to The Federal for the first time! Tim and I got dinner there before the show. The atmosphere is the best part about that bar. Will definitely be back sometime.

Advanced Screening: A Cure for Wellness

Last night, Tim and I went to a free advanced screening of Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness at UCLA. The trailer looked trippy as hell and since we’re both into psychological thrillers, we were excited to see this one. There was also a Q&A session after the screening with GoreFullSizeRender.jpg Verbinski himself, and it was interesting to hear his inspirations for the movie as well as his process for crafting this film.

The film will be released in theaters on Feburary 17. Although the first 2/3 of the movie was fantastic, I thought the last 1/3 could have been better. I’m still very confused by the whole story behind the sanatorium, but as Verbinski said after the film, it may take 3-4 days to process it.