24th Birthday

IMG_5316.JPGIt was raining when I was born, so every birthday afterward featured rain. Yesterday was only the second time it hasn’t rained on December 6. Thank you, SoCal (or global warming?).

I woke up early to calls and texts from loved ones. The first thing my mom asked was if it was raining over here. Another first: having birthday cake for breakfast. Kayla made it to look like the one Hagrid got Harry.


Then it was off to Priscilla’s for coffee, my third time there in three days. It’s a very nice writing spot. Kayla and I went to Santa Monica, which was super empty on a weekday afternoon, to watch Moana at the Arclight. A discussion on songs/story ensued afterward.


We ended the day with Indian food for dinner and a walk on the Venice Canals. Most of the houses were lit up with lights for the holidays, so it was beautiful. And yes, Kayla made that plush Genie.

Chill birthday because there was no class. Received lots of heartfelt texts throughout the day too which made it even better. Only one year away from my quarter-life crisis!