Final days at Magnolia Hill

As things come to a close at my time at Magnolia Hill, I’ve realized how lucky I am to work at such a chill place with cool supervisors and friends. During my internship, I read many, many scripts — some bad, some terrible. I did read and write coverage for one screenplay called Ms. Sloane which I thought was well-written. When I did research on the writer though, I found that the movie has already been made starring Jessica Chastain and is now in theaters. Very excited to go see that.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I also had one celebrity sighting on the lot: I saw Conan O’Brien at the commissary. He was sitting at a table, talking to someone. At first, I didn’t even recognize him and literally passed right next to him. When my supervisor pointed him out, I got scared because he looks like a skeleton without makeup.


I also got to help out on a sizzle reel about the Darden Sisters, a family band that travels the world to sing and entertain people. After watching and hearing about these girls for weeks and weeks, I finally got to meet them when they came by the office with their manager. They were even more amazing in person and each one had a unique personality. Mariam and I took them to the Warner Bros Archive.


It was a great experience overall — fun lunch adventures, exploring the studio lot, visiting the Friends set multiple times. I even witnessed the SAG Voice Actors’ strike when it came to Warner Bros.


I will definitely miss all the people in the office when my internship ends next week. It was a pleasure working there and everyone made my day every time I went in, even the security guard at the gate who remembers my name now. I have a couple other internships lined up for the spring and will see how they play out.