Labor Day in Redondo Beach


This past weekend, my parents came to visit me for the holiday. Because it was a long weekend, everything seemed to slow down which was a nice change of pace from what it’s been like over the past few weeks. Because we can’t stay away from the water for too long, my parents and I drove to Redondo Beach to take in the breeze.


The pier was already hopping with people by the time we got there in the early afternoon. I hadn’t seen that much seafood in one place besides at Fisherman’s Wharf. Every way we turned, we heard a different language being spoken. A few friends were paddleboarding in the water and others fished at the end of the pier. In the distance, the Labor Day crowd enjoyed the day on the sand.


It was great spending time with my parents for a bit. We explored the area for a couple hours, then visited some neighboring regions until the day came to an end. A pretty relaxing way to spend the long weekend before all the craziness starts.


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