Last day at work and preparing for the Big Move

Last Friday was my last day at BlackBerry, which was very bittersweet. After a year and two months of working there, I had grown accustomed to the 9-5 office life and felt like I had just perfected the work/life balance.


My coworkers took me out to lunch that day, I said goodbyes to everyone in our department, and made my last coffee in the office kitchen. When the end of the work day neared, I returned my cell phone and laptop to IT and took the stairs down to the parking garage for the last time.

The view from my cubicle

Throughout the week and over the weekend, I hit up my favorite Bay Area spots with various friends, which was also a nice way to say goodbye to some of my closest friends. While walking around Berkeley, Palwasha and I got mistaken for a couple of freshmen touring the campus. I also hit up my favorite bars in the city, including Novela, which was my first bar the night I turned 21. The rest of the time was spent with family, as Angela is moving back to Davis this Friday.


Kayla and I got the last of the necessities figured out, including all the utilities, which cemented the fact that we are actually doing this and proved to our parents we were learning how to adult. Kayla is on her way down to LA as we speak.


Last night, I finally started packing and this time it felt different. This time, I wasn’t moving just 15 minutes from home into an already-furnished room in the residence halls. To finally have a place away from home that I can truly call my own space is an amazing feeling. School starts in September and my internship on the Warner Bros studio lot will start in Oct. Very excited for this new phase in my life to begin.



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