Kunta’s Groove Session

kendrick lamar concert

On Tuesday November 10, I finally finally finally got to see Kendrick Lamar live in concert at the Fox Theater in Oakland. It was definitely a long time coming and I was so excited he picked Oakland as one of his venues for the groove session.

kendrick lamar ticket                   kendrick lamar concert

The show started at 8:00 pm and the line was ridiculously long when we got there an hour early. People talked nonstop about how quickly these tickets sold out.

Jay Rock opening the show
Jay Rock opening the show

As we entered the theater and got our wristbands, we had to go through ID check. The employee asked me, “Are you planning to drink tonight?” I guess I paused too long because the man in front of me turned around, gave me a quizzical look, and answered on my behalf, “Yeahhhhh.”

kendrick lamar concert oakland

Overall, it was a great night, the crowd was really into it, and I definitely got way too excited about the Good Kid, M.A.A.D city songs. Kendrick even did a few Section.80 songs that took us back to 2011.

kendrick lamar kunta groove session oakland

Of course, he ended the night with “Alright” after the crowd of 2,800 chanted, “We gon be alright!” until he came out to perform it. That’s when we all rushed the stage. Glad I got to attend this time; it definitely had that intimate feel I think Kendrick was going for.

Fox Theater Oakland

San Jose International Short Film Festival

On Saturday October 24, The Last Client had its California premiere at the CineArts theater on Santana Row. It was a fantastic event and an experience to remember. Palwasha and I headed down to San Jose in the late afternoon and explored the area for a bit before heading over to the festival.

San Jose Film Festival 2015

The night started off great. After picking up our VIP passes and festival t-shirts, Palwasha and I suddenly saw a crowd of people rushing out of the theater. Turns out actor Jennifer Morrison, the festival guest of honor, was there. As excited fans took awkward selfies with her, I stepped outside to nervously prepare for my interview.

Right as I was about to step onto the red carpet, people swarmed out of the theater and began lining up to take pictures with Jennifer Morrison. Confused about what was going on at that time, we followed the crowd into the line and managed to get our own picture with her. She was very nice and composed, considering the amount of pictures she had to take with fans.

Jennifer Morrison San Jose Film Festival

After the festival employees cut off the line and the last few got in their pictures, I finally did my interview for the film, which lasted about ten minutes. We then met up with a few crew members who attended as well as friends and guests who came out to support the film.

The screening block we were in was the NorCal Filmmakers group, and it was a total of six films all made up here in the Bay. The films were actually really great and it was inspiring to see such great filmmaking happening here. It was cool to see a packed theater too and even cooler to watch The Last Client up on the big screen in a legit movie theater.

There we are in the first column!
There we are in the first column!

There was a Filmmaker Q&A after the screening where we all got to talk about our films and what went into making them. We also got to talk about our next projects and what we’re working on individually. Afterwards, I stayed to talk to fans who enjoyed our film and were enthusiastic about the sci-fi and time-travel genre. And it was only three days after Back to the Future Day. Go figure.

Regina Kim The Last Client

The festival was definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to. Even though it was our 5672048th time watching The Last Client, as Palwasha deftly pointed out, it was a different experience seeing it in a packed theater with an engaged audience. The fact that my coworkers and friends came out in support was the icing on the cake.

Next up is the China Women’s Film Festival, although I don’t think I’ll be making a trip out to Beijing…