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Episode 2 Casting Call

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Today, we wrapped up a six hour casting call for Episode 2 of The Last Client. This was Casting Call 1 of 2. In October, we’ll go down to LA to audition a few more people. Out of the 3,000+ actors who submitted, we invited the top 20 to audition today, and everything went smoothly, thanks to our great crew.

Our casting announcement

We rented out a rehearsal studio in the San Francisco Playhouse, which was located right across from Union Square. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the city and we wanted to keep the window open, but the street level noise was not ideal for our mics. Plus, there was some sort of drumming show going on in Union Square and a homeless people were shouting nonstop. Also, pigeons flew right into the window. Twice.

A view from the actors’ POV

This rehearsal studio was amazing. Clean, comfortable, and a SF location, this suite even featured a lounge area with comfy couches for those waiting for their auditions. It took us a little while to figure out how to buzz people into the building and even longer than we’d like to admit to figure out how to unmute the phone (yes, Cal-grads), but the important thing is that we figured it out.

Of course, the highlight of the day was watching the actors’ auditions. It still blows my mind that all of them brought such different and unique performances to the table, further emphasizing the point that casting calls should be a safe space to experiment. And although this was my second experience sitting through a casting call, it was still surreal to hear the actors perform the words I wrote. I presume I’ll never get tired of that though.

San Antonio Trip 2015

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Remember the Alamo

This past weekend, September 18-20, Palwasha and I traveled to San Antonio, Texas. Although the highlight of the trip was Whataburger for me, we still had lots of fun exploring a new city. We also stopped by the Josiah Media Festival for the screening of The Last Client on Saturday September 19.


The first night we got in, we were advised by the hotel staff to head immediately to the downtown area for the nightlife. We spent a few hours in San Antonio’s best bars, or so we were told.

The next morning, I ate the unhealthiest (but tastiest) breakfast of my life. Yes, everything in Texas is bigger. Then, we took a tour of the Alamo which lasted an hour. Our high school history teachers would have been proud. We explored Downtown San Antonio all morning, which was a nice mix of old and contemporary architecture.


The humidity was killer though! The temperature all weekend stayed in the mid to high 90s, but because of the humidity, we couldn’t walk two minutes without sweating up a storm. The good news was that every building was air conditioned. Also, there was plenty of ice cream-eating involved.

The River Walk was beautiful, mostly because there were so many restaurants there. We saw many tourists taking little river boats around the place. However, we did have to take frequent breaks in the mall when the heat got too bad.


On Saturday afternoon, we headed down to South Presa Street to attend the Josiah Media Festival. We met some wonderful people: San Antonio filmmakers, the people running the festival, and fellow community members. Since we were from California, we did receive extra attention and I did an interview and stopped for a few photo ops.


We watched some really great films, both narrative and documentary. The festival has lots of support from its tight-knit community and we definitely felt welcomed there. I think it must be that Southern hospitality, but people were way more polite there than people are in NorCal. Everyone, no matter where we went, were friendly and overall just happy.

Saturday night, we did a haunted house and a not-too-scary Tomb Ride, then slept early because we were exhausted from the day. Sunday was our flight home, with a stop in Phoenix.

A very interesting trip to a very interesting city, although we were told to check out Austin and Dallas next time. Our cab drivers were amazing, one of whom picked up a call from his mother during the ride, which meant we got to hear about the best way to cook fish. We even wound up getting lost, away from Downtown, on a street known as Prostitute Way, as we learned later from our cab driver. Great memories, great trip, and great food, which is actually the most important part.

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