Josiah Media Festival 2015

2014 jmf event poster1

The Last Client is traveling to San Antonio, Texas on Sept 18-19 for the Josiah Media Festival. Spent the morning filling out information for the festival program. Admission is free for our crew, which is great news because they worked so hard on this short film. Hopefully we can all make the trip out there.

Still waiting on the dates to be set for the Student Art Festival in Florida. It’d be great to take the trip out there too and connect with filmmakers on the East coast.

Week 6 at the Office


A month and a half into full-time work…and it’s been better than expected. First and foremost, it’s the people on my team; they make the job more enjoyable for sure. Throughout the six weeks so far, they’ve been more than willing to answer my questions and they’ve even gone above and beyond to help me out.

I’m learning at an exponential rate and it’s great to see the progress I’m making. I have great managers and a great group of coworkers, both in Pleasanton and Canada, who I can go to for guidance if needed and support. Slowly getting the hang of how things work around the office, which is always different at every place I’ve worked at before.

It also helps tremendously that there are so many great restaurants around the place. Our group has made it a tradition to go to this bomb-ass Mexican restaurant in Downtown Pleasanton every payday.

Looking forward to closing out July and we’ll see what August brings!