The Importance of Mentorship

From coaches to work bosses to people who inspire me on a daily basis, the mentors I’ve had and have come from many different backgrounds and facets of life. Each of them are geniuses in their own ways and fields. They’ve challenged my way of thinking, of playing the game, and of finally taking that leap of faith. Yet, they’ve also kept me grounded and humble, a skill I’ve learned to appreciate and admire.

Mentorship isn’t only about furthering your own desires and ambitions. It’s a two way street. It’s a relationship, a promise that you’ve made with that person but also one that they’ve made to you. It’s about showing up and being present, and hoping their guidance will take you places. Your success is their success and it will make them proud. Mentors are people who have been there before, been in your shoes. They’ve also been afraid to jump but they have, and now they’re here to tell you it’s possible.

I’ve been lucky to find mentors who believe in and root for me. They see potential where others see failure. They have that superhero ability to steer me towards the best I can be because they know what I’m capable of. More importantly, they know what I’m not capable of. They’ve all invested their time and consequently, part of their life, to help me develop socially, culturally, professionally.

Mentorship is important because you need someone outside your family to stand in your corner. You need to learn from others who share your passions, interests, and drive. You need someone to motivate you and, when the time is right, you need to motivate them. Mentorship is special because you get to cultivate both personal and professional relationships.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my own mentors and I recognize how each of them have significantly influenced and furthered a specific part of my life, whether it’s artistically, work-related, or athletically. I have countless fond memories of each of them and they’ve all seen me at my best and worst. In the 22 years of life so far, I’ve been extremely lucky to have mentors, five if I’m counting correctly. A few days ago, I gained another one and I’m sure that won’t be the last.

So seek someone out who inspires you in any way or someone you look up to. Don’t be afraid of the cold call or getting rejected and don’t sell yourself short. Chances are, there’s someone out there who has been in your shoes before and are more than happy to help.


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