End of Another Semester

It’s 6am now, 3 hours after everyone left for my early birthday celebration. For the past four years, my birthday has always fallen on or near the last day of classes. I’m still not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse.

Today, I had one class left in the semester. Did I go to it? Nope. I’m so screwed for the final. I slept in after another long night of writing. I must have fallen asleep around 5am. There was no way I was getting up at 9. Instead, I took a shower to wake myself up and got back to writing right away. I always like writing in the morning because my brain is fresh and I can actually hear myself think. If you know me though, you know that my prime writing time is between 1am to 5am, so I was surprised I got some writing done this morning.

Angela came down from Davis to go home for the weekend and stopped by my place for half an hour or so. Got to see my mom for a few minutes before she picked Angela up and left. I’ll see them tomorrow, or technically speaking, today.

From 7pm to 3am, I had lots of fun with friends, both old and new, and a few surprise visitors. Late night cheesy sticks defined the night. Scary movies are always a requirement on nights like these.

After everyone was gone, I took a shower then sat at my desk for a while, trying to shake the alcohol from my mind. Because my birthday always falls on or around the end of the semester, it rarely gives me time to look back and reflect on my experience. Who wants to do that anyway? But tonight felt different, probably because I realized I only have one semester left before graduation. Today marked the end of my last fall semester. The anxiety of anticipation comes and goes more often now as each day brings me closer to May 16.

Time flies when you’re not paying attention but slows to a crawl when I’m trying to sleep, like now. It’s 6:22am now and I have to be up soon for brunch with Piotr. I have an uneasy feeling I’ll be up till then, but one can always hope!