Chicago: The Musical at SF Orpheum

Today, Angela and I got up early to BART into San Francisco and see a matinee of Chicago: The Musical at the San Francisco Orpheum. We’d gotten these tickets over summer and were pretty excited about it.

Chicago the musical program

We caught the BART into San Francisco around 11:00 am and headed to Union Square. The giant Christmas tree was up already and people were ice skating in the rink.

View from the Cheesecake Factory
View from the Cheesecake Factory

We took the elevator to the top of Macy’s to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We just beat the lunch rush, getting seated right as the big crowd got there. There was a large group of people with matching black “I Love Lucy” shirts.


Can't forgo dessert!
Can’t forgo dessert!

After lunch, we hung around Union Square for a little bit. It was full of tourists and musicians, all happy that the sun was out and the weather was actually nice. A little after 1:00, we headed to the Orpheum, where people were already filling up the lobby. We also found out that the “I Love Lucy” group was at the theater! It must have been some sort of event because apparently, there was a special section or something just for them.

5 minutes to curtain!
5 minutes to curtain!

We had front row Balcony seats, which were really nice. The show started a little after 2:00 and we saw in our programs that Jeff McCarthy had replaced John O’Hurley as Billy Flynn, which was fine by me because I’d seen McCarthy in Urinetown and he was great. Although I felt like there was a lack of choreography, it was still a great show. The orchestra was right on stage, which allowed the performers to often break the fourth wall. Without a doubt, the best part was the music, and it was really cool to be able to see the musicians playing right on stage. Best song of the night: Razzle Dazzle.

Chicago Orpheum

Like most shows, it was over before I knew it and I was sad. Of course, you can’t compare this to the Oscar-winning 2002 movie, but I think they did a good job with the limited stage space they had. Still, could have used more choreography…

3 out of 4 shows this month done. One more show next week!


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