Summer in Korea (Part 4)

It’s Monday July 7th here now which means I have just over a week before I fly back to California. Wow, does time go by fast. Some highlights over the past week or so include another trip to LotteWorld, where I FINALLY got to ride Atlantis! I was ecstatic and the ride itself was amazing.

After all this time...
After all this time…

IMG_3431IMG_3433Other high adrenaline rides we went on were the Comet Express and the French Revolution, both indoor, high speed roller coasters.

Comet Express
Comet Express
On the Comet Express
On the Comet Express
French Revolution
French Revolution

We also saw Transformers: Age of Extinction here, which played in English and had Korean subtitles. It was strange that the movie theaters here all have assigned seating, which meant the only available showing on opening night was 9:30 PM. My cousin said that if the theaters here didn’t have assigned seating, people would get into fights. We didn’t get home until way past 1 AM.


Waiting for the movie to start
Waiting for the movie to start

One of my favorite days was when we went to the War Memorial Museum. It was a museum unlike any I’ve ever experienced, with 4-D simulations of battles and beach landings and a shooting gallery. It covered Korean war history from the very beginning and culminated in a fantastic display of the Korean War. It was by far the most humbling experience.


Korean War
The date the Korean War started

Traveling around the city and exploring all the cultural spots were great too. Each part of the city has its own vibe and atmosphere. To name just a few, I toured through the traditional, old houses of Korea, saw the Blue House, the official residence of the South Korean President, and walked through the heart of Seoul’s art and culture setting. Of course, this also meant that there are so many great food choices.





Adorable old man in ad
The Blue House
The Blue House


Seeing these pictures now, I am reminded of how much walking I did in the unbearable heat. But it was all worth it. One of the most memorable moments of the past week was walking down to Gangnam at 11 PM one night and trying to find some good food to eat (which is not that difficult). Surprisingly, even more people come out that late at night because the air is cooler.

I still cannot believe I only have about a week left. No doubt, this time will be spent trying to do as much as possible. Part 5 by the end of the week, the last chapter in my travel to Korea this summer.


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