Another Semester Completed

Celebrating with Ghostbusters and Charles Baudelaire
In hindsight, the worst idea ever


21st Birthday

What a great and memorable birthday. Although it was raining in San Francisco, I still managed to have a fun time at dinner and Novela bar. Interestingly, 21 does feel a little different. Thanks to all my amazing friends who made last night possible.



The Last Client Updated Storyboards

Today I received the updated storyboards for the script. There are some visual aspects I will need to change in the script–rewrites.

Storyboard 01Storyboard 02Storyboard 03Storyboard 04Storyboard 05Storyboard 06


Next, I will need to look for audition spaces and shooting locations. Aiming for middle of January auditions and middle of February shoot day.