The Last Client

My sci-fi/thriller turned out to be 7 pages. It is set in the future when time-traveling is possible and has been turned into a business. People can pay lots of money to Time Contractors and can be taken back to whenever and wherever they want to go. 

I met with a storyboard artist today who drew out the script shot-by-shot. The story definitely looked cooler drawn out and visual.

The script for THE LAST CLIENT and the shot list are below:













Los Angeles Trip 11/9/13

On Saturday 11/9/13, I woke up early to get to OAK airport for an 8:45 AM flight. As soon as I got to the airport around 7:30, I got a text about my flight, saying it was delayed until 9:55 AM. Although really frustrated, I decided to wait at the airport instead of going back home for a couple hours.

The plane is here so why are we delayed?

It was only about a half hour later when I got another text, saying my flight was going to be on time. At that point, everyone waiting at Gate 29 was ecstatic but we were all confused. Our confusion was soon cleared up by the staff: The crew at LAX was planning to do construction on the runway but the fog rolled in down in LA and the crew cancelled construction for the day. Thank you, fog!


When I got to LAX, Sophia picked me up and we headed to the Beverly Hills area for brunch. We stopped by Beverly Center, a huge shopping mall, too. At 12:30, I walked to King’s Road Cafe, a cafe and restaurant nearby, to meet with Ace, a director in Hollywood. We met up, had lunch, and talked about movies, writing, directing, plots, characters, etc. He gave me lots of great advice about the business as well as LA in general.

After the meet up with Ace, Sophia and I drove over to Burbank for the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour. We greatly underestimated the LA traffic though and ended up JUST making it to the studio in time for our tour. Literally, we got there 30 seconds before it began.

So excited we made it just in time

We started at a movie theater-like room where we were shown the history of Warner Brothers Studio and all the great movies and TV shows they have produced.

Movie time

Then it was off to the tram that would take us around the studio lot. We got to see all the stages, sets, and props. We visited the sitcom sets for The Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men. We also visited the set for Conan and Friends. Unfortunately, they didn’t let us take cameras into these sets for copyright reasons. It was interesting learning about the way sitcoms are filmed as opposed to late night shows and movies.

“New York” set
“Chicago” set

IMG_2749 IMG_2753 IMG_2754 IMG_2757 IMG_2758

Sophia with Harry Potter


“Friends” set

At one point in the tour, we got to learn about the magic of green screen and Sophia and I acted out a scene in Harry Potter when the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station. At the end of the tour, they showed us what the final product looked like.


I got pushed in front of the Hogwarts Express

A big highlight of the tour was stopping by Ellen’s studio. Too bad it was a Saturday and she wasn’t in the office.


Ellen’s parking spot

The sun set early in LA that evening but we all still managed to get some great pictures of the warner Brothers water tower. Also, a new show called “Super Fun Night” with Rebel Wilson was shooting on set. We saw the crew shooting a bar party scene.

IMG_2781 IMG_2795

The studio tour was fun but honestly, the Universal Studios VIP tour we took two years ago was definitely better. (Pictures below.) I may be a bit biased though because I still think Universal Studios is the best place in the world.


535615_10150657347883063_1509989227_n 529383_10150657348583063_33500479_n


On Jurassic Park
Riding The Mummy
On the tour tram
War of the Worlds set
The Grinch set


522342_10150657355458063_1849942611_n 528036_10150657355533063_1938628918_n

As soon as the Warner Brothers Tour was over, we rushed back to LAX so I could be on time for my flight. I got back to Oakland around 9:45 PM and went home…and got the stomach flu, which is honestly a whole other story.