Power Outages, Explosions, Fires on campus

I was sitting in my room a little before 5PM today when the lights shut off. Confused, I stepped out into the hallway where I saw that all the electricity was out. Some of my residents were just as confused as I was. Thinking the power would be back soon, I didn’t think much of it and went back into my room, seeing that I had to go to handball practice in a few hours.

When the lights still hadn’t been turned back half an hour before practice, I called the gym and asked if it was closed. They said they were closed for the evening so I cancelled practice and scheduled a team social instead. It was only a few minutes afterward when I found out that there had been an explosion on campus and apparently some fires. At least 5 fire trucks and police cars sped by at that moment, heading to campus. WarnMe told everyone to evacuate campus and go back to our homes. Apparently, police with megaphones were kicking people off the main campus. Classes were cancelled for the rest of the evening.

As I was about to head out for the team social, I found out that people were stuck in the elevators. There was so much confusion and chaos in the lobby, so I stayed to help clear up some questions.

ImageThe story: There was an ammonia leak in one of the buildings which caused some things under other buildings to explode. A recent theft of copper caused the power outages.

Thankfully, around 11:30 the power was back on in Unit 2. I had been charging my phone in a friend’s in Unit 3 because they had power over there. We won’t know if classes are cancelled tomorrow until 6AM…