Move-in Weekend

Today was the final day of move-in. I am so glad it all went smoothly.

Today was an interesting move-in day because we had a celebrity at Unit 2. Dennis Haysbert (All-State guy) was moving in his daughter. We all freaked out in the morning when we recognized him. I kept seeing him around the unit afterwards.


I went to Caltopia for a little bit after my shift was over and got a lot of free stuff. Tonight, we will have the floor and building meetings.

Unit 2 is in good hands

Photo credits: Mary Susman

Training is over!

Today, hall staff training was completed. Now we are all busy getting ready for Move-in Weekend starting tomorrow. The international and early move-in residents moved into the dorms yesterday. 

Unit 2 Staff

It has been a very long and busy and exhausting two weeks but it will all be worth it tomorrow. Very excited to begin a new school year!

Hall Staff Training

Last Saturday 8/10/13, I moved into my room in Unit 2 to begin Hall Staff Training. It’s been a little over a week now and I am so exhausted. As a resident, I never realized how much behind-the-scenes action goes on to prep the residence halls for a school year. Even something as simple as door decs takes a while. 

Our unit theme is Pixar and my building is Toy Story. It’s been fun setting up for the residents to move in this Saturday. It definitely is hard getting used to living alone since I’ve always had a roommate until now. The hallways and bathrooms are so creepy at night! It’s just dead silent all the time. I’ve been told to enjoy the silence while it lasts though. Once the residents move in, I highly doubt it’ll ever be this quiet again. 

Davidson building door decs
Davidson building door decs