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I left for LA Wed 3/27 and flew down to Ontario where the first thing I did with Dorothy was go back to Corky’s. It had been a whole year since I got to have my sandwich again, so I was super excited. Dorothy and I had lunch and then I headed to Harvey Mudd College to meet up with Sophia.

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Sophia and I spent the rest of the day together, catching up and getting dinner. The next day, I headed to Knott’s Berry Farm with Dorothy. It was a hot day and there were so many people there. We had to be careful not to knock over any little kids.

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 We waited almost 2 hours for Ghost Rider but when we realized we were not even halfway through the line, we decided to ditch the wooden roller coaster. We rode other rides with shorter lines, went inside a mine, rode the train, and watched a Native American dance show. We also saw a Wild West stunt show before deciding it was time to pump up our adrenaline, so we immediately headed for the high-speed roller coasters. We even rode front seat.

Regina Kim BlogSince I’d only been to Camp Snoopy when I was little, it was cool seeing the other parts of the park. We looked around the ghost town, the Spanish villages, and the Native American parts. We even found a cool fountain.


The day ended with a walk through Camp Snoopy, where I remembered all the rides I went on when I was little. We saw Charlie Brown and he was nice enough to stop and take pictures with us. Around 9, we left the park, and the drive back to Rancho Cucamonga went smoothly.

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Knott’s was a great park to visit and although we were both exhausted by the end of the day, Dorothy and I definitely had a good time. The admission wasn’t too expensive and the old-timey feeling to the park was a bonus.

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After spending the night at Dorothy’s, I woke up early on Friday to go to the beach with Sophia. We bought some food, water, snacks, and tangerines for the event and headed to the coast. The traffic wasn’t too bad in the morning–it took us an hour and a half to get to Malibu. Although the day started off gray and foggy, it warmed up later in the afternoon. We went swimming in the ocean, read books, and chased away seagulls.

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At 3:30, we left the beach to head back to Claremont. The traffic was HORRIBLE. We were stuck in LA traffic for two and a half hours. We didn’t get back until way after 6. Tired and frustrated, we got dinner before heading to the theater to watch a movie. Then we went back to Sophia’s dorm and we passed out.

I got sunburned at the beach, but I didn’t know how bad it was until I got up this morning. I think I might actually be dying. This is going to take a long time to heal.

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I touched down in Oakland more than an hour ago. I’m trying to keep my sunburns cool and I am so glad to be back in the Bay. The temperature in LA was constantly in the 70s during my stay. While the people there said, “It’s such a lovely, warm day,” I was like, “HELP, I’M DYING. IT’S SO HOT!” They kept reminding me how spoiled I was with the weather in NorCal.

Spring break is almost over. I’ll have to go back to school soon. I’m not looking forward to it, but there’s only one more month of classes left! I already can’t wait for summer!

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