Fanfest 2013

Yesterday, I got up early to head over to Oracle Arena for this year’s Fanfest. Apparently, the 10,000 tickets sold out so quickly that most people could not go. When I got to Oracle at 10 AM, the place was already packed and lines were forming along the outside.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

Inside, we all filed into the arena at 10:30 and were treated with a video highlighting the past season. Afterwards, the team was introduced, Bob Melvin fired up the crowd, and the audience was pumped up, ready to get on with the activities planned for the day.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

 Immediately after the welcoming, I sat in on the first Q&A session of the day featuring Billy Beane, Bob Melvin, Josh Reddick, and Chris Young. Fans also got to ask questions from the crowd, and it was a great experience to watch Josh Reddick teach Chris Young how to Bernie Lean.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

I didn’t want to stand in the line to take pictures with the World Series trophies so Ryan and I decided to take the clubhouse tour. We stood in line for almost an hour and all for a 2 minute walk through around the A’s clubhouse.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

 After briefly checking in at other events that were going on around the arena, such as a Comcast Sportsnet Broadcast Experience booth, we found Stomper and took some pictures with him.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

 Feeling tired from just a few hours at the event, we watched the last Q&A session for a couple minutes before deciding to head out before the parking lot got jammed with people trying to get home.

Oakland A's Fanfest 2013

 On the 880, traffic was horrible. Suddenly, we came to a complete standstill. While I was waiting for cars to start moving again, I heard the screech of tires and looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see the car right behind me get smashed from behind by another car that braked too late. Thankfully, I didn’t get hit, but I will never forget the look on the man’s face as the impact threw him forward. What a way to end the day.

Note: All photo credits go to Ryan Ng


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