Day 1 at Rat Entertainment

Regina Kim Hollywood Internship

Today was my first day interning at Rat Entertainment at Universal Studios. After getting through security, I walked across the studio lot to the office. The lot was already busy with employees although it was still pretty early in the morning. Passing by the sound stages was cool because I got to see people shooting television episodes inside them. There was even a security officer guarding a half dozen trailers in front of a stage. Hmm.. I wonder what was filming then.

Regina Kim Hollywood Internship Rat Entertainment

When I got to the office, Agustine showed me around and got me set up at my desk. I also talked to the Head of Development, John, a Cal alumni. Posters of movies directed by Brett Ratner and produced by the company hung around the office.

Regina Kim Hollywood Internship Rat Entertainment
The view from my desk

I learned how to do script coverage, which is basically reading a screenplay and summarizing it. I covered 2 screenplays today. I also drove the company’s golf cart around the lot for a little bit. The day went by so quickly that I was surprised when 6 o’clock came. Walking back out of the lot, I watched people pack up for the day and put equipment back into storage.

Regina Kim Hollywood Internship Universal Studios

The studio lot has such a different feel from the theme park. Everyone here is so focused on and passionate about their work that it made me feel inspired and very excited about my future. I almost forgot that the theme park was right next to us until a Universal Studio tour tram filled with people drove past me.

Back in the hotel room with Marilyn Monroe. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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