Santa Cruzin’

Labor Day weekend at the Boardwalk was a nightmare. It was as if everyone and their whole extended families decided to head to the beach today. The traffic there and back was terrible; at times, we didn’t move an inch for a couple minutes. As you can imagine, when Angela and I finally got to the Boardwalk, we were ready to have some fun. 

We headed straight to the Haunted Castle (big surprise). After almost 40 minutes of waiting in line, we hopped on the cars and spiraled down, down…deep into the dark dungeon below the Boardwalk. Not surprisingly, Angela shrieked the entire time, clutching my arms and repeating, “I’m not looking! I’m not looking!” I felt bad for the two little boys sitting behind us.

Then, we proceeded to ride Wipe Out, Ghost Blasters (where I outblasted Angela 570-480), Logger’s Revenge, the Giant Dipper, Sky Glider, and the Haunted Castle again.

santa cruz logger's revenge
Logger’s Revenge

The low point of the day was when I lost rock-paper-scissors to Angela and had to sit in the front on Logger’s Revenge. Of course, I got soaked, even after using Angela’s bag as a shield for my face. The second low point of the day was when we finished the Dippin’ Dots.

Also, although I have ridden the Giant Dipper many times before, today was the first time I experienced the roller coaster from the back seat. I only have one piece of advice: Do it. You get more speed from the back which results in more thrill. After today, I will never sit in the front of any roller coaster again. 

What I learned from the long, hot day at the Santa Cruz beach were two things. One, that the Boardwalk now sells bubble tea. And two, dirty seagulls look like crows. 


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